The World

The world is a patchwork version of Earth after thousands of years have passed. Continents have moved and reunited into one great pangaea once again, floating in what is now known as the Quatzepetan Ocean.

Deep underneath the Paradigm Worlds, an exotic material known as pyre runs through the soil.
It is a highly dangerous material, uniquely radioactive in a way that emits "pyreactive" radiation. Pyre powers some of the world's most significant technological advancements, from hovercrafts to weapons, but pyre miners risk mutation and insanity every day.
It is largely monopolized by the Republic of Morlok, though the more fantastical races of the Paradigm Worlds also mine and utilize it to power their 'magic'.

Mouse over the regions to see their names (where applicable).

To the southeast, in the Hadrian hills, the rocky crags of the Morlokian pyre mines jut out.
The southern coast is dominated by the snow-covered Necro Lands, previously known as Ultima Thule.
In the west, surrounding Maja Jezerce Lake, one can find the warm swamplands and jungles that the Shimizq have called home since the primal days of the Paradigm Worlds.
To the northwest, in the Korabhi Mountains, the fantastical Orcs and Elves practice their magic.
In the center of it all, on the southern shore of what remains of the Mediterranean Sea, Athromma Zona forms the land that serves as a bastion for 'humanity' throughout the eras.
North of that sea, the Havi-Havi desert crowns the continent. A massive pyre crystal juts out of its heart, with the largest city in the region built at its base.
The area just between Athromma Zona and the Hadrian hills is known as Pyre Zona, and the lake between the Havi-Havi Desert and the Korabhi Mountains is known as St. Victor-Lee Lake.

The islands disconnected from the mainland are lawless places infested with low-life scum no other Paradigm would accept - thieves, murderers and other such criminals call these places home.
The only named Island is the northwestern one: Ultima Thule, previously known as The Cursed Mountain.
The exception is the farthest west island, which is part of the Shimizq jungle.