Year 6077 Paradigms

Paradigm Worlds

The Year 6077 is the setting of the 'classic' Paradigm Worlds scenario.
The balance of power is equal, and each faction has an even chance to thrive.

This scenario is especially advised for first-time players of Paradigm Worlds.
Rules: Auto-fire: Yes, ¬125% speed, ¬120% damage, centers mildly plagued

The Creatures' Democratic Republic of Morlok

Though some of their highest ranking officials are "pure humans", most of the members of Morlok society are workers made to work in the pyre mines, which explains the high rate of mutations. Their political paradigm could be best described as soviet Russia under the government of Stalin, mixed with a steampunk aesthetic.

To keep the peace, Morlok society is saturated with invasive security services and internal affairs commisars.

Weak armor. Mostly focused on firearms, no cavalry. Very weak versus cavalry, but deadly at range, making them great defenders of castles.

NecroCorp Syndicate

Once known as the Weimear Reich, the pagan rituals they performed to keep the upper hand in battle left them to descend into corruption and decadence. Because of this, their bodies were slowly mutating, sucking the vital essence from their own people. One by one, the Weimear lords turned into rotting, twisted, evil creatures, more intelligent than before and free of the chains of morality, allowing them to become a dominant force in the Paradigm Worlds.

Still, these corrupted Weimear were a minority among their people. Openly overthrowing the current regime would be suicide, so they prepared a coup in secret. They acquired better equipment using knowledge found in ancient three-thousand-year-old books, containing diagrams of strange items mixing technology with magic. Technology based on the vitality of living creatures. Of course, these diagrams were useless without the facilities to produce the items - so the next step was setting up a manufacturing company. On paper, this was an economic company known as Northern Manufactures, the target of which was to conduct trade, particularly with the Alien Shimizq. The corrupted Weimear needed knowledge far more advanced than their own to replicate the items they needed, and a division of this company was launched with a focus on industrial espionage.

The trade company proved to be such a successful source of income for the Weimear Reich that no one even thought to look into its long-term actions. In a world as competitive as the Paradigm Worlds, any advantage will do, and the people of the Reich knew this. Years passed like this, and the corrupted Weimear were free to amass power in the shadows. They were officially too big to fail.

Ultimately the Weimear Reich met its downfall, not at the hands of war, uprising or revolt, but because of one of the most powerful, vicious and insidious weapons ever created - the Persuadraton. This item is capable of making a puppet out of any living creature. Anyone hit by this weapon does anything the puppet-master wants. It works only for a limited time, with even the most powerful corrupted Weimears (now known as Necros) only able to overtake the mind of a victim for only a few days, but tremendous societal change can be brought on by even the smallest moment of control.

The most powerful people among the Weimear were "persuaded" to give away their belongings, wealth and political knowledge to the Company. Corruption, blackmail, espionage - these were the most common weapons of the Necros.

Not everyone had been persuaded to join... but before the rebels could organize, the company staged its revolution.

First, they managed to paralyze the kingdom by persuading the fifteenth Reichsfuhrer, Darlauf Herknagtin, to banish his best generals. Other lords were persuaded to revolt against their liege.
Actions like this created serious a crisis in the Weimear administration, and this gave the company everything they needed to move in and take the reich for themselves.
There was no more company. There was only Necrocorp. A new system, a new power, with no morality or ethics standing in their way.
Those who tried to resist were turned into mindless thralls, almost literal zombies, by overuse of the Persuadraton.
Today, Necros are still the minority, but most true Weimear are little more than mind-controlled slaves.
The Paradigm's ties to the occult only grew with their faction's transformation, and their connection with these old demonic forces are standing very strong today.

The Corp's higher-level soldiers and puppetmasters are known as Hauptmanns.
The ancient diagrams combined with knowledge stolen from aliens resulted in the creation of a most powerful ranged weapon - the energy lance. It is a very complicated energy condenser, similar to a lightsaber. Weaker, perhaps, but a potent thrown weapon. Necros developed their own 'cavalry', mounted on technomagical vehicles, and their last line of offense consists of the most well-trained genetically engineered Necrocorp agents. They use their most advanced weapons, and when energy or bullets are not enough they can handle their enemy by using high-tech blades.
On top of everything are the Neuromancers. They use the power of the persuadraton, able to turn enemy into ally.

Alien Shogunate

Shogunate Japan mixed with Star Wars. Their mounts of choice are giant cosmic spiders.
They are deeply traditional, and call themselves "Shimizq", which means "they who have two tails". It is a well-known legend that the first of their kind were just humanoid lizards. It is not sure what happened, but Shimizq historians suggest that somewhere around 1200 years ago the humble earth lizards were visited by creatures from outer space. Presumably, they were assimilated, but we know little of that time because the only surviving written texts are no older than 350 years. The aliens took the honor code from Shimizq tradition and that is what made the Alien Shogunate nation what it is today.

The most uneven faction. Great attack capabilities because of their lightsabers, though the very same units have weak armor and are easy to kill. Regular troops resemble Japanese Shogunate Samurai, armed with katanas, nodachi and so on. Experienced troops have decent armor. Ranged units have regular if rather basic firearms, in addition to reasonably good upgradeable archers, up to mounted archers with good mobile capabilities.
Hardest faction to play in terms of units.

Fantasy Magioucracy

A classic Tolkienesque paradigm, consisting of Elves, Orcs and Uruks. Imagine the world of Tolkien's works if Sauron had won in the end, and you're describing the culture of the Magioucracy. Charge of power has not been given to a single race, but a caste. The Fantasy Magioucracy is a garden of eden for mages, as they rule this faction. The most powerful are known as dark lords, mostly Djinnis corrupted by evil, and Vayyals, the most powerful Elven mages.
Their elite forces are dependant on magic units.

Maybe the easiest yet most chaotic faction. Extremely diversified. Regular troops consist of Elven archers and Orcish soldiers. The first kind of elite troops are Uruks. Orcs and Uruks are footmen, but also quite powerful rangers. They use wargs as horses, and have no light infantry, being largely focused on heavy armor. The second kind of elite troops are mages, elven white mages and djinni dark mages. They are very hard to upgrade, however they have unique ranged weapons: magic staves. Staves may not have the best fire rate, but magic missiles do great damage and are very accurate. Staves are also great hand-to-hand combat weapons, doing great melee damage quite quickly. Magic units, vayyals and high vayyals use Pegaz horses, lightly armored but fastest in the whole world.

United States of Renaissance

A paradigm of "humans" culturally stuck in a period of post-medieval European history. You will find pikemen, conquistadors, musketeers, polish cavalry and more.

Their infantry primarily consists of pikemen, rather weakly armored but wielding some of the finest polearms in the world. Ranged units are based only on outdated firearms: muskets, flintlocks and arquebuses. They provide rather low damage and medium accuracy, which, considering how inaccurate their firearms tend to be, is not great. They can provide decent support, but even the best units cannot surpass Morlok snipers. It's hard to say if they can beat Elven archers, bows being far more accurate and sometimes providing even better range than firearms, but the United States of Renaissance have one absolutely great remedy for all their military shortcomings - Elite Hussars.

Sanitarium Conspiracy

A combination of present-day conspiracy paranoia with a sprinkling of Arabian Nights and the Spanish Inquisition. Like Morloks, the existence of this culture depends on the mineral known as "Pyre" which is needed, among other things, to create the paralyzing palantirs which form this faction's unique ranged weapons. Lower class soldiers are known as conspirators, agents and provocateurs. Higher classes are represented by Djinni mages, called Inquisitors. Physical contact to Pyre mutates the Sanitarium Conspiracy's people in different ways from Morloks, becoming schizophrenic and manic.

The Sanitarium Conspiracy has medium quality attackers and not-so-great defenders, but they are absolutely fantastic manhunters accumulating crazy amounts of prisoners. This is possible due to their special thrown weapon - palantirs. Though they are not very accurate and do medium blunt damage, they have some special qualities: No friction or gravity dependence. With good throwing ability and proficiency they can become a great low-range weapon. Elite Sanitarium units wield absolutely devastating throwing weapons - severed demon heads with damage over 200 points, though these are inaccurate and in short supply. Units use powerful energy shields that can withstand many shots and punches. The Sanitarium Conspiracy can become the most diversified faction to play.