Camp Features

The Camp menu offers players a plethora of options and functions, from the ability to treat your troops' wounds and change your party's banner, to the ability to deal with your prisoners or dabble in mutagenic experiments.
Keep in mind that many Camp Features take time that passes on the world map, which leaves your party vulnerable to attack.

The "Options" menu has its own separate page, accessed by clicking here.
The contents of the "Reports" menu will also be listed on this page, as it is functionally similar to the Camp menu.


Strategy Command

Select A Book to Read
If you have any books in your inventory, this option allows you to read one of them for a chance to gain relevant skills from them.

Change your Faction's Culture
Initializes the Faction Designer, which is beyond the scope of this page.

Change your Faction's Colour
Allows you to set your Faction's color to White, Black, Yellow, Orange, Red, Rose, Dark Red, Violet Milka, Violet, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Light Green, Grass Green, Brown, or Beige.

Modify your Banner

NOTICE: This seems to be broken right now. Your banner can, however, still be changed if you enable the "cheat menu" option in PBOD Mod Preferences, then try to modify your banner.

Allows you to change your banner, for a small refurbishment of a set of tools, raw dye, a bolt of linen, and a small amount of renown.

Change your party name, Faction name, and Primary and Secondary lord names.
Self explanitory. "Primary" and "Secondary" lord names refer to the Titles for the First and Second-In-Command rank of your Faction.

Change Player Map Icon Theme
Changes your party's icon on the overworld, whether you are on horse or on foot, at the cost of a single tick of the Doomsday clock.
Icons unlock in a number of ways, and some of them are secret.
The obvious methods are either by gaining renown, joining a certain faction's culture, or by gaining/losing honor.


Default Theme

Dwarf Creatures

Tribal Uruks

Hannibal Horde

SFX Smoke on the Water
Makes your selected icon smoke.

Tactical Operations

Try to hide your army. [Ambush]
Allows the party member with the highest Warfare skill to command a camouflage operation, dispersing and hiding your troops.
The success of this operation depends on the commander's Warfare Skill and Charisma Stat, as well as the size of the party. The bigger the army, the harder it is to hide.
The terrain is also a factor: It is easier to hide deep in the forest than on the wide open steppes.
Failure will disorganize your troops for a few hours, making them easy prey.
Setting up an ambush takes Military Equipment, and you can only attempt to hide your party once a day.

Your terrain and success chance will be displayed on this menu.

Organize War Games
Allows the party member with the highest Warfare skill to use Military Equipment to organize and execute exercises for your troops.
So-called "wargames" are series of combat exercises executed by your army, dividing themselves into 'friendly' and 'tango' teams. Training covers various tactical actions like recon, overrun, encirclement, and defense.
A few troops might get hurt, or even die, but overall Morale will always go up after a good bout of training. Additionally, the party will gain experience, based on the commander's skills.

The experience the Party will gain from training is displayed on this menu.

Enslave Own Troops
Allows the party member with the highest Slave Trading skill to force some of your troops into slavery, converting them into prisoners.

Review Army
Brings you into a peaceful battlefield scene where you can walk around and examine your troops.

The Prisoner Management menu lets you decide how you want to deal with the bulk of your prisoners.
  • You can talk prisoners into joining you, using your Manipulation skill, which has a low chance of making some of them join your troops at the cost of some of your other men's morale.
  • You can force prisoners to join you and let the rest go free, which gives you a boost in honor - especially if you release many at once.
  • You can force prisoners to join you and kill the rest, which loses you honor - but not as much as you'd gain from letting them go free.
  • You can also choose to kill all of them, with the added choice of eating their hearts or drinking their blood which gives you a significant amount of controversy and takes away an equally significant amount of honor and sanity.

Geographical Position
Shows a readout of your X-Y-Z coordinates.

Wait Here For Some Time
Sets up camp, allowing time to pass rapidly.

Ask Ketele for Blessing...
At the cost of 1 Honor and a tick of the Doomsday Clock, you can ask Ketele, the Dark Motherwhore of Chaos and Despair for forbidden knowledge.
Praying to Ketele also gives you 666 experience.

Ask Old Gods for Blessing...
At the cost of 1 honor and 1000 experience, you can ask the Old Gods for guidance.
Praying to the Old Gods also makes the Doomsday Clock tick backwards by 1.


Crafting Basics
To craft new 'artifacts', you need to possess the required products in your inventory.
Some items require you to read a specific "know-how book", which some book merchants sell in taverns from time to time.
The quality of a crated 'artifact' depends on your personal Engineer skill.

Some crafting recipes may be hidden to the beginner player, found only by chance and communion with the gods...

Player Engineer Skill and Item Quality
The player's Engineer skill affects item quality. Item quality is very important during battles, as it can enhance or dampen the fighting abilities of troops.
The Engineer skill affects item quality in the following ways:

Level Item Quality Hero's Efficiency
0 cracked -9%
1-2 bent -6%
3-4 battered -4%
5 poor -3%
6 crude -2%
7 cheap 0%
8 sturdy 1%
9 fine 2%
10 well made 3%
11 hardened 3%
12 strong 4%
13 reinforced 5%
14 superb 7%
15 50% chance - lordly 8%
15 30% chance - masterwork 9%
15 20% chance - exquisite 12%

Item Quality bonuses do stack. Equipping 2 cracked items lowers a hero's efficiency by 18%.

Crafting Recipes:

Gold Bar, Refined Energy Crystal, Pyro Powder, Shimizq Katana
Light Doublesword
Pyro Powder, Raw Energy Crystal, F'issteh, Human Flesh, Raw Silk, Gunpowder, Lightsaber
Kinetic Plasma Rifle
Energy Heavy Blaster, Blunderbus, Refined Energy Crystal, Gold Bar, Pyro Powder
Kinetic Plasma Bolts
Pyre-X Firearms Ammo, Pyro Powder, Refined Energy Crystal
Arquebus Repeater
Strange Blunderbus, Arquebus, Tools
Pyre-X Firearms Ammo
Comisar Pistol Ammo, Tools, Dagger Energy Missile
Dynamite Bomb
Grenade, Pyre Powder, Gunpowder, know-how book "Anarchist Cookbook"
Pyre War Bow
Last Breath Bow, Pyro Powder, Green Energy Star Capacitor, Spellbook of Flying Sword Missile Bolts
Quad Gun Bow
Horn Bow, Orc Bow, Plasma Launcher Chip, Necro Energy Lance Red
Octo Gun Bow
Vamprie Assassin Bow, Experimental Fungus Bio-Launcher, Energy Shuriken Pistol, Necro Energy Lance Blue
Plasma Shotgun
Executor Shotgun, Pyro Powder, Dagger Energy Rocket, Plasma Cannon, know-how book "Explosives and Plasma Technology by Nav Zippor"
Power-field Armor Set
Mutant Brute Body, Pirate Juggernaut Light Helm, Cyborg Gauntlets, Dynamite Bomb, know-how book "Explosives and Plasma Technology by Nav Zippor"

Field Kitchen

Here you can prepare supplies for your party. If you have the right ingredients, you can create better quality food. Times are hard, and you know better than anyone that creatures will eat anything to avoid starvation.

Recipes for food are not listed on this menu unless the required ingredients are in your party's inventory.
However, reliably useful items for the Field Kitchen are Spice, Salt and Gunpowder.
Spice or Salt can generally make sausages out of Raw Meat, and adding the saltpeter found in Gunpowder to the equation can make Dried Meat, making these good items to have in some supply.

Field Hospital

Here you can order medical operations, examine your party's health, and more.
You can also apply Antibiotics, which cure infection, or Aspirine, which lowers the danger of infection.

Prepare Antibiotics
Allows you to create Antibiotics, using a party member with the highest Engineer skill and the party's advancement in Field Medicine.
To create Antibiotics you need to use one the following formulas:

Lab Equipment + Liquid Mutagen
Elf Skin + Raw Energy Crystal
Pyre Nitrate + Red Pyrofied Crystal
Baked Human Flesh + F'issteh

Health and Plague Party Report
Shows a report of your party's health, which of your party members has the highest Wound Treatment skill, and how long it would take them to cure an infection using Antibiotics.

Prepare Aspirine
Allows you to create Aspirine, using a party member with the highest Engineer skill and the party's advancement in Field Medicine.
To create Aspirine you need to use one of the following formulas:

Unknown Resource Container + Pesticides
Spice + Gunpowder
Oil + Fluid Industrial Pyre
Raw Human Flesh + Mercenary Mushrooms

Healing Session
Allows the party member with the highest Wound Treatment skill to use Antibiotics to conduct a mild healing session for the party.
The estimated time it would take is displayed on this screen.

Full Healing Mutagen Curation
Allows the party member with the highest Surgery skill to execute a full healing session, combining Antibiotics and Liquid Mutagen to completely heal all your troops.
The estimated time it would take is displayed on this screen.

Extract Mutagen from Own Troops
Allows the party member with the highest Surgery skill to use a set of Lab Equipment to harvest Mutagen from your troops. Doing this will have a significant negative impact on your party's health.
The estimated time it would take is displayed on this screen.

Experiment with Mutations
Allows the party member with the highest Mutation skill to use Liquid Mutagen to mutate your troops, with the chance of altering their stats or changing them into entirely different creatures.
This will have an effect on party morale, and does not work on skeletons as they are the end of everyone's journey.


Has its own page, accessible by clicking here.


The Reports screen displays a plethora of information, like the current state of the Doomsday Clock and how many times it has ticked over.
It also lists your name, your renown, controversy, right to rule, sanity, current and maximum mutagen, how many times you have reincarnated, and your total calculated military power.

Report: Missions
Displays what missions, if any, your companions are currently assigned to.

Troops Encyclopedia
Displays a complete view of every troop tree in Paradigm Worlds.

World Map
Displays a diplomatic map of the Paradigm Worlds, showing every town, castle and village, and which major faction controls which region.

Personal Report
Shows the title you will introduce yourself with (Based on your Reputation), 'race' (Though it tends to display the wrong one), and controversy.
It also displays what faction you are aligned with, and how many books you are reading.
It lastly lists your age, though this is purely cosmetic and has no bearing on the game.

This is also where you can view a Psychology Report, as a reminder of which personal views you hold and what (if any) Psychostatus you are currently affected by.

Party Report
Displays your party size limit, and the modifiers affecting it.

Brings up the weekly budget screen that appears when it is time to pay your men their fair share.

Morale Report
Displays your current party morale, and the modifiers affecting it.

Diplomacy: Major & Minor Factions
Simply displays your relations with other factions.

Holy Orders - Report
Displays your relations with the Knight Orders and their influence power.

Love & Hate
Displays your more personal relations with lords you have met.

Private Relationships
Displays your courtships and known poems, for if you are wooing a lady of the land.