Year 10k Paradigms

Paradigm Future

In this world, mutants and hackers have become the world's major powers. You will deal with Biotec-bugs and MegaCorporation nations run exclusively by females. All factions have something in common, however: They are all dangerous and unpredictable.
The point of entry to a world lik ethis may be a shock to the moderate player. However, if you remember a few simple rules, you may survive long enough to earn yourself a comfortable position... in the Future of the Paradigm Worlds.

All centers are overpopulated, which means greater profit for the center's owner, but also a lack of stability due to the population's potential to outnumber and overpower the garrisons.
Centers have a 100% chance of reaching critical plague level, which triggers a plague explosion that kills citizens, creates severe financial crisis, and may cause a revolt if the center's happiness dips too low.

Rules: Rules: Auto-fire: Yes, ¬180% speed, ¬165% damage, centers severely plagued, low political stability, large outlaws demesne

Project Earth

A faction of Human engineers, trying to re-build the world in the image of ancient 21st century human civilization.

Sisters of Technocorp

Futuristic corporation of capitalist matriarchy. The Sisters praise lust and hedonism, able to afford their moral decadence thanks to their firm grip on an efficient capitalist mega-corporation.

Hacknet Systems

A nation of hackers. The homeland of all sorts of adventurers, wild bands, outlaws and geniuses. Hacknet is all about electronics and danger. Engineers, hackers, but also Zona Adventurers.

Mutant Territory

In this distant future, Mutants achieved a tremendous success and claimed their place in the global politics of the Paradigm Worlds.

Hive Six

Also known as the Chitin Kingdom, Hive Six is a swarm-like organized faction of Biotecs. These chimeras of humanoids, robots and insects established a basic civilization and began diplomatic relations with the other factions.
They wear all black chitin armor, have their own chitin-hovercraft cavalry.
As a faction, the Biotecs of the Chitin Kingdom are best for a mid-tier player. As a race they provide an interesting choice for someone looking to roleplay as a hacker.

Zynthion Empire

For centuries, the Lost Legion was an important but still minor faction. In the year 10K, a new ambitious leader- the vampire lord Uranus Lupius - and new vampiric nobility has taken control over the Legion and led it to glory of becoming a major faction. The Lost Legion bases its power not on numbers, but on the quality of its army. It is composed of heavy infantry, light range and shock cavalry. Their secret weapon is cutting edge drone technology.