Character Creation

The creatures of Paradigm Worlds are as complex as they are bizarre, and your character is no different.
Here you can find definitions and descriptions of every option you will be given during the creation of your lord-to-be.


Time Period & Race

Think about your story. When do you wish to start? Do you want to see how it all began, developed, thrived? How creatures prospered in balance, until the era of the Syndicate that took control of almost the entire world? Or do you want to go thousands of years into the future? Do you want to see for yourself how it will end? Experiecne the world like never before, with huge, decadent empires falling into apathy, crisis, and ever deeper into chaos and despair, all despite their unbelievable technological advancement...

The world is ravaged by mutation and viral storms. It is very easy to get sick, mutate, or be killed.
And yet... You are born. True, sentient life.
A miracle, and another mouth to feed.

Your first choice is simple... WHEN do you want to be?

Paradigm Worlds features four "eras" that you can choose from.
You can find more information on each era on their respective pages:
Year 5066 - Paradigm Primal
Year 6077 - Paradigm Worlds
Year 7022 - Ein Volk, Ein Korp!
Year 10K - Paradigm Future

After this, you will also have a choice of race. Races and their bonuses are covered extensively on the Races page.
The game will also generate your character's age, though this has no effect on gameplay and is purely for immersion.

Next, you choose the options that make up your character's history. Each of these options has an effect on gameplay, from skills to starting items and so on. Unfortunately it is hard to discern what does what, though the descriptions can generally give you a good idea of what they may mean for your character.

Who was your father?

An Impoverished Noble
You came into the world as a descendant of declining nobility, owning onyl the house in which they lived. However, despite your family's hardships, they afforded you a good education and trained you from childhood for the rigors of aristocracy and life at court.

One of the last Vayyal
Your family line comes from a first-known post-apocalypse-formed nation - The Vayyals.
There is very little we know about them, and little material proof of their existence lasts to this day.
Thanks to their longevity, the Vayyals (or Vayyans) lived to become the Elves we know today.
When the Vayyans were at the peak of their power, their society invited creatures of the highest mental capacity to become their citizens.
It is believed that, at the time of their domination, Vayyans developed devices more complex and powerful than exist nowadays. An example of their technological artifacts can be seen in the dark rocks melted with electronics that dot today's landscape.
Each Vayyan has a right to their own banner.
Lords, Primaries and Secondaries-in-Command respect the ancient rights and Vayyan nobility. That does not mean that they are nostalgic about ancient tradition, as they still have a complex view of true nobility. They know fully well that their history is nothing compared to the Vayyan's achievements. You will have many occasions to prove that you are worthy of the great honor you were granted.
Your starting position is very controversial, but you can start adventuring under your own banner.

A Traveling Merchant
You were born as a descendant of a lineage of traveling merchants, always moving from place to place in search of profit. Although your parents were wealthier than most, and educated you as well as they could, you found little opportunity to make friends on the road, living mostly for the moments when you could sell something to somebody.

A Slave Trader
You were the child of a family who lived off the city, doing whatever they needed to make ends meet. Hunting innocents, enslaving them to make a profit, and gaining the infamy of your family name. Helping your father, you learned how to keep prisoners in good shape, how to haggle for their miserable lives, and how to defend yourself with every weapon you could find.

An Apprentice Wizard
You were a child of a mage living amongst Elves and Djinnis. Only a few have seen their true power, and thanks to your father you could learn some of their skills. Magical creatures taught you to have respect for nature and mystical powers. You also learned how to treat wounds and deal massive damage using magic. You never really heard of this strange thing called 'science' before.

A Fungus
You are of a rare kind. The new world is inhabited by flora and fauna that evolved a thousand times faster than before the apocalypse that eradicated the previous civilizations. It has been over 5000 years, but evolution has brought amazing creations to the new world. One such creation is a fungus known as Urkuc Ahabi, which in mutant tongue means 'black traitor'. It releases spores when its victim is close, getting through even the thickest skin within 24 hours. When inside, they start 'impregnating' their host, regardless of their race. The child largely gets the 'mother's' genes, but certain changes in psychology may occur. Most commonly, the child's mental state suffers from a mild traumatic stress disorder from birth.

A Mutagenic Protoplasma
After the apocalypse, the world rebuilt itself surprisingly fast. Almost all life was gone, and only low-level cellular organisms managed to survive the wars. But chemical compounds, viral laboratories, and elements of the weapons of mass destruction that had originally destroyed the world began to decay and dissolve into an organism of the new world. This mix of chemistry, elements, biology and electronics arose into a new primitive organism known as Protoplasma. You have been artificially created in one of these ancient laboratories, and your general DNA set has been one of high mutagenic ability. Protoplasma has been used as DNA noise to fill the rest of your bio-details. You are an artificial creation, but that does not mean you do not have the right to live - on the contrary, your kind is becoming more and more popular in the Paradigm Worlds as factions sponsor research on creating the perfect citizen in secret.
You never learned why the scientists released you. Were you a failure? Or did they want to conduct tests on you in the wild? Are creatures looking at you, as though checking up on you? Are they following you? Is this a test, or are you truly free? Did they mess with your head? Are they doing this right now!? ...Or are you just paranoid?

An Assassin
As a descendant of an assassin, you had a lot of 'informal' education. Stiletto knives, poisons and bows, anything worth using in an assassin's career is no secret to you. With no remorse and a very bad reputation, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain in the new world.

A Famous Space Pirate
You came into the world as a descendant of a famous space pirate from the third generation of aliens who came from the skeis to establish the Shogunate and Pirate guilds in the Paradigm Worlds. You inherited some of your father's character, and a special set of alien weapons too.

A Global Conspiracy Hacker CyberTech Anarchist
As the descendant of a conspirator, you became somebody between a hacker, spy and assassin. You have knowledge of the dark secrets of this world, and have seen your father hanging from the town's gallows. You learned that drawing too much attention can be deathly dangerous, and you know how to defend yourself or kill in the shadows. You have learned the hard life of a fugitive, and never discovered what kind of person your father really was.

A Wild Animal Trainer
As a descendant of a wild animal trainer, you've seen how wild beasts and creatures should be handled. Wild spiders, their Pirate and Thregoshi Order kinds. Bears, wolves and even Pegasi - you had a chance to ride them all. When you were young, your father gave you a baby of a rare spider. Shortly after that, a mechanical bear clawed your whole family apart. You had decided to leave, to search for luck in another place.

Growing out of childhood, what did you spend your early life as?

A Spy at a Nobleman's Court
You were hired by a secret society to spy on the court of one of the nobles of the land. There your first lessons were in treachery, as you had to deceive the Lords and Ladies of the household...

A Hangman's Apprentice
You were apprentice to a local hangman to earn money for a living. After years of watching creatures dying in every manner one can imagine, you went on to torture and kill both prisoners and enemies of the state yourself.

A Gunpowder Maker's Assistant
You were apprentice to a wicked gunpowder maker. Picking up the trade over the years, you soon became adept in the art of alchemy and firearms.

A Revolutionist
You took to the streets, doing whatever you had to do to end the filthy system. Demonstrating, protesting - you did everything you could to help poor creatures and to defend them from injustice of nobility, always one step ahead of the law and those who wished you ill.

A Wild Child
You rode to live amongst beings that civilization had never touched. Using stone knives and wooden spears, you lived like ancient creatures from tens of thousands of years ago. Although you learned the hard way what true hunger is, you became a skillful tracker and hunter. Your body started to harden with muscle as you grew accustomed to life in the wilderness.

A VR Hacker
You learned how to manipulate creatures using virtual reality. You were able to persuade your victims to give you their own microchips. Soon enough you began to use them yourself, your body mutating and taking on a strange odor. You kept your favorite utility chip, and decided that too many creatures were interested in your business, taking the last chance you had to get out of this mess without getting your hands broken.

A Cannibal
You attached yourself to a band of creatures that were more animal than human. The worst bandits and madmen without honor and so poor that their only means of survival was to feed on corpses. You spent time mostly wandering near the town cemetery to look for your food, but over ti mebecame a master of roasting both animal and humanoid meat.

An Aggressive Imbecile
You were kidnapped by a band of primitive humanoids. They treated you kindly, yet kept you as a slave and prisoner. These humanoids known as Homo Vulgaris were not very self-aware and did not have the ability to understand evne the simplest abstract concepts. You degraded mentally with each year of enslavement, slowly forgetting your culture. You started to 'growl' to communicate like your masters. Soon enough you learned their primitive habits, the brutes too unintelligent to call them ceremonies. In the nights you would be jumping around a burning fire with the rest of your 'family', and you learned to eat fresh meat, to hunt with just a stone or spear in hand. One day your group was ambushed by a regular patrol, and you were free... but at what cost? Who is going to give you those lost years back?

A 'Hacker-Whore'
You were kidnapped by a band of criminal hackers, enslaving you to use your brain as a storage device for data. For months you were trnasported from place to place in a half-catatonic state, not knowing what secrets were being stored in your own mind. Billions of voices in your own head simultaneously sent and received bits of data. Only heavy drugs kept you from total insanity. One day, your opressors were ambushed by a huge Justice League patrol. At the cost of heavy casualties and almost half of your fellow prisoners ending up dead, the criminals got exterminated. You were free, but you had no place to go and no money to go there with. You were forced to keep running the career of a 'hacker-whore', selling your brain as storage to various hackers and agents. Extremely aggressive methods of copying and moving large chunks of encrypted data in and out of the brain causes severe damage to the neural system of the host. Soon you began to experience memory loss and general mental disorder. Before you managed to pull the plug out of this brain-damaging career, it was too late. Your neural system has been severely posioned by the parts of code still littering your brain. The amount of stored data is enormous, and that means you possess a vast knowledge on almost every part of modern life... Though the cost is great. You are devastated, both physically and mentally. Lots of neural connections were broken during the data transfers, and now your body-brain coordination is very faulty. You cannot really trust your muscles anymore.

An Orc's slave
You spent much of your life in a prison of the Magioucracy, learning the hard way how to survive in the worst place in the world. Abused by the harsh prison guards and defending yourself from your fellow inmates, you learned how to live in a place any normal being would soon perish in. After a few years you managed to escape by killing a few prison guards.

A Mercenary
You were trained to become a mercenary. Although you didn't perform the duties too ewll, rather serving some more experienced warriors than fighting in real combat yourself, you've learned something about modern tactics and personal defense.

A Guard in the Hospital for the Insane Creatures
You became a guard for insane creatures in the town's hospital. Years of rigorous work in restraining madmen wrecked your sanity, and in the end you became very similar to the ones you had guarded. As the years passed, you were treated in many ways, traditional and magical alike, by way of medications, witchcraft, even curses... In the end you regained your sanity, and became a specialist in every way of treatment.

When you grew to be an adult, what did you become?

A Traveling Bravo
You left your old life behind to travel the roads as a mercenary, a bravo, guarding caravans for coppers or bashing in heads for silvers. You became a warrior of the open road, working with the bandits as often as you faced off against them. Going from fight to fight, you grew experienced in battle, and you learned what it means to kill.

A Fake Magic Artifact Seller
Creatures are stupid and naive. They think they can buy magic for a few golden coins. You learned how to create false magic artifacts and trick others into buying them. Although it was not easy, and often a risky trade, the money was good. You became a well-known liar and your life became a little harder... but a little more fun too!

A Non-Human Rights Defender
You started to see that only humans get real rights in the Paradigm Worlds. What about Elves, Djinnis, or even Orcs? They should be treated respectfully too! You became an activist, a fighter for non-human rights. You never made good money, but you have defended many creatures at human courts and have gained respect and honor among your peers.

A Personal Escort
You joined a tightly-knit circle of women and men of the oldest trade in the world. You became an 'escort' for the wealthiest creatures in town - perhaps not the noblest work, but it paid extremely well. Although your honor is in a ruin that will likely never rise again, you have some respect at court. You are aware of many secrets told after, erm... the 'work' in bed, secrets that belonged to the most powerful creatures of the Paradigm Worlds, and you certainly know how to use it to your advantage.

A Troubadour
You set out on your own with nothing but the instrument slung over your back and the voice in your throat. It was a poor existence, spending many a hungry night because creatures failed to appreciate your play, but you managed to survive on your music alone despite it. As the years went by you became adept at playing to drunken crowds in taverns, and even better at talking anyone into anything you wanted.

A University Student
You found yourself as a student in the university of one of the great cities of the Paradigm Worlds, where you studied theology, philosophy, and medicine... but not all your lessons were learned in the lecture halls. You may or may not have joined in with your fellows as they roamed the alleys in search of wine, women, and a good fight. However, you certainly were able to observe how a broken jaw is set, or how an angry townsman can be persuaded to drop his club and accept cash compensation for the destruction of his shop.

A Very Important Person
It is hard to tell what your trade was, because you didn't really work. Somehow you've managed to convince others around you that you are a very important person, and just because of that you could ask anyone for a loan or favor and never receive a 'no' for an answer.

A Village Hero
You pursued a career as a classical do-gooder, a village paladin as you wanted to be, or a village idiot as you were often seen. You found a cow that had not been lost, helped a child that didn't need help. You rescued a scarecrow in distress, fed wolves in winter (every one of God's beings deserves some ogodness from time to time!) and your deeds have gained you an interesting reputation. You didn't know why, but after some time the villagers had gathered quite a sum of gold and begged you to start an honor journey to spread your help to the rest of the world.

An Alchemist
You decided to buy some alchemy ingredients and mix them to make gold out of them, or at least something similarly interesting. The first time, you barely got out alive from a great explosion that destroyed half of the town. You've learned that making explosives is much more fun (and easier) than medication, and this is how your new trade had started. You went on to be hired by minres, bandits, and even the military for your expertise.

An Itinerant Preacher
You packed your few belongings and went out into the world to spread the word of your God. You preached to anyone who would listen, and impressed many with the passion of your sermons. Though you had taken a vow to remain in poverty throughout your itinerant years, you never lacked for food, drink or shelter - the hospitality of the peasantry was always generous to a rising creature of God.

A Scavenger of Alien Parts from Another Dimension
You packed your backpack and joined a group of scavengers. It is known that a few decades before, there was a huge explosion in the sky. The heavens turned into hell, and things started to fall from above... Strange, futuristic looking things worth a great deal of money, some of them even still in working condition.

Philosophy & Knight Order

Philosophy is extensively covered on the Psychology page
Knight Orders - and the items they give you when you pick them - are listed on the Orders page.

What is your role in the Paradigm Worlds?

Next, you pick what role you would like to play. This essentially chooses your beginning class, an amount of troops you start with, gear appropriate to your choice, and so on. These choices cost ticks of the Doomsday clock roughly equal to how long it might have taken your character to gain these resources.

Tabula Rasa - [Naked, but talented]
You begin your journey as an everyman, no one particularly important. You are a simple citize, with very basic experience and little wealth. There is a world awaiting you, a cruel world in which success is difficult, but not impossible, to obtain. You may go from zero to hero, or you may die the day you decide to try your luck. This is a merciless world, and most creatures have no sense of peace or friendship, especially for the weak. But you've had time to learn and train your skills. Death or glory! You might be poor, but you have your wit!

Pirate Avanguarde - [cost +50 Doomsdays]
You start as a member of Pirate society, with adequate weapons, armor and some companions.

Revolutionist - [cost +40 Doomsdays]
You start as a rebel to the authorities, with adequate weapons, armor and some companions.

Mercenary Musketeer - [cost +40 Doomsdays]
You start as a mercenary musketeer, with adequate weapons, armor and some companions.

Private Detective - [cost +40 Doomsdays]
You start as the owner of a bankrupt Detective Agency. You solved one case too many and made yourself some powerful enemies, who made sure you will never get any real work in your business of choice again. You start with a gun, ammo, some equipment, and a band of former employees. There is not much you can do about your situation - the only job you can get is a wet job. Whatever you're gonna do now, just don't die. Not just yet.

Rondolero - [cost +25-? Doomsdays]
The life of a mercenary can be very profitable, but also dangerous. You've gathered a small company and tried to make a living doing small errands for the nobility of this oh-so-wonderful new world, and you have no reason to complain! You made some friends, you are on good terms with each great Paradigm, you accumulated some gold, adn you have the finest gear a true Rondolero can have.
NOTE: The life of a mercenary is a game of luck. That means that this starting character's condition, bonuses, honor, renown, even attributes and skills are RANDOM. The amount will be plentiful enough to have a relatively easy start in the world, but you might start as a common thug, a well-known bandit, or a brave sheriff or bandit-bane. Only fate can tell for sure...

Strange, Armed Man - [cost +80 Doomsdays]
You start as a secretive Strange Armed Man from the Star Gate Expedition, with adequate weapons, armor and some companions.

Conspiracy Inquisitor - [cost +60 Doomsdays]
You start as a prominent citizen of the Sanitarium Conspiracy (or the equivalent for the era). You will lead a small band of conspirators. You will get some renown, and your relations with the Sanitarium Conspiracy will be very good.
NOTE: While this choice is clearly made with the Paradigms of 6077 in mind, this will still put you in good standing with whichever faction occupies the Sanitarium Conspiracy's 'slot'.

Old Gods Crusader - [cost +60 Doomsdays]
"There are no gods, but only one God! Whoever thinks different is a traitor and a heretic and should be punished! Look at this world! Chaos, corruption, the poor getting poorer and great lords uncaring of their own folk! The world is on the verge of doom, and we, the Crusaders of the Old God, are the only power that can and will save this world from the abominations of the modern chaos! Believe, and be spared! Destroy our enemies!"

Uruk Warchief - [cost +75-175? Doomsdays]
"Brothers! They say all we know is war. They may be right. There is no elf hunter more skilled than an experienced Uruk Ranger, no warrior more brave than the White Hand. When you need to bring a kingdom to its knees, whom will you ask for help? Puny humans? Or maybe the Morlok apes? No, whoever they are, the lords always ask US for help. We, a proud nation of warriors, serve and win wars for the powers of this world. Yes, we did and we do. And what do we get in return? Titles? No. Riches? The lords like to keep those for themselves. Do we get land? No, brothers! The only thing we get from our so-called protectors is another ewar. We die so they would not burn our villages. We fight for them because we know what happened to the Ritshka Tribe and Witshunkkhas! Their bodies were hanging on the road to Mal Dragoth for days, decapitated obscenely! Why? Because they wanted to hunt in the wilds, not die in another war for someone else. Now, as we speak, the first patrols of soldiers are sent to hunt us. They want us to replace those they murdered for insubordination. NO MORE! No more, I say! We want freedom! We have a right to have our own land, a place to settle down. You have been called to war by so many, and you got nothing out of it - now I call you to a war, and I can promise you two things: I will give you victory, and blood. Our pure green blood will soak into the soil, yes, but that is the price for a right to dream! We will carve our future out of the hands of false friends! Bring down our enemies! URUKS! URUKS GO TO WAR!"
NOTE: This role offers a moderate challenge in the beginning, partially randomizing your staring conditions. You will get sensible bonuses to attributes, especially those generally considered important to a player character, with the exact values ranging from 1 to 4, for chosen skills as well. You will start at war with one kingdom, but relations with some minor parties will be random from Friendly to Warring. Each time you play this role, your experience will vary slightly. You will command a party consisting of Uruks, but how many of them will join you depends on both your leadership skills and good old fate itself.

Marauding Mutant - [cost +80 Doomsdays]
You start as a failed experiment of a secret laboratory in the Havi-havi Desert. By accident, and coming as a true shock to the lab staff, you gained some minimal intelligence, a self-awareness, and managed to run away with a small group of fellow mutants. After killing and eating a scientist, you were designated as a public enemy of the state. Watch your back. If you run into the hands of cyborgs or their masters, you will be eradicated. You cannot tell who is behind the secretive experiments that made you, but you know that if you're going to survive, you will need to adapt. And you have to adapt fast. Observe and learn - that's what you heard when they conducted experiments on you. Are you an animal? A beast? Are you inferior or superior to humans, elves, djinnis? How should you deal with Technomages and thei rallies? Try to convince them that you deserve to live, show them that you have a soul? Or just kill 'em all, and destroy them so they could not harm anyone else?

Lich and its Undead Horde - [cost +200 Doomsdays]
Ages ago you were a powerful sorcerer. Using dark arts and curses, you found a way to be granted the Dark Blessing of Ketele - eternal life. Some would say that you were tricked, turned into an Undead. But not you. This was exactly what you were seeking. A limitless power, eternal knowledge, old forgotten rituals found in forbidden books... The power of Necromancy! You could see it so clearly: Being a human made you weak, you were simply worse than now. Like a caterpillar, you have been turned into a beautiful moth, and now is the time to wake up your minions and take what's rightfully yours. First, bring terror and despair... Burn a few villages, slay the living, turn your prisoners into skeletons, train them, lead them. It is time to carve out your place in the world.
You start as one of the most powerful manifestations of Chaos this world has ever seen. You have gathered all the powers that the undead world has to offer: Skeletons, liches, vampires, draugr... And this is only the beginning. Once you capture your first settlement, you will raise powerful undead in your barracks. Never has so strong and united a faction been seen before. Be warned, your unique recruitment pattern will be gone if decide to change your nation's culture. Remain loyal to your roots, spread death everywhere, kill, conquer, and transform!

Masquerading Vampire - [cost +100 Doomsdays]
Rats, rags, a rabbit and an old lady. That's what you recently had for lunch. Not a drop of fresh, warm, 19-year-old blood. Blood. Your precious, your air, your water. A drink and dinner in one, simple ambrosia, nectar of the gods. Yes, the vampires are superior predators, exceptional animals, addicted to the blood of humanity, society, morality! Walking tanks for blood, that is what they all are. You are on a mission, and your goal is to infiltrate human society, find weak spots and conduct a final attack. You are not alone. Your undead allies will bring terror and chaos. You will gather thralls and the res tof your dark servants. You will act with patience. You need to find weak, corruptible lords. When you are ready to start a war, you will use them, turn them against their rightful leader, and you will gain power on their backs. Use cunning at first, until you are ready to unleash your true power and start turning prisoners into vampires. By then, it will be too late to stop you.

Criminal Hacker - [cost +100 Doomsdays]
You can buy anyone and anything, for the right price. They say that you cannot buy a soul, but then how did you sell your own? When did it happen? When they grew you in the NecroCubator? When they told you about Videodrome, when you experienced its wisdom in your whole body? Or when you first saw through its lies? Videodrome is not what they say. An artificial, eternal wisdom. Tao Through Vision - TTV. Accidentally, you decoded a message that was sent to your CEO. You found that Videodrome was just another corporation inside NecroCorp itself. Elite within elite. All you know is they won't live with that secret long. You have to hide, or fight, and all you have is a hardened team of freshly-corrupted corporate agents, the newest H-600ST Hovercraft, a nicely-sized personal armory, and of course... 100 000 credits, hacked a few days ago from the account of your former boss.

Cult Leader - [cost +140 Doomsdays]
You start as the leader of the Doomsday Cult - a prophet, to be precise. You will be the lord of a single city - a center of your cult's operation. You will have adequate weapons and armor, and as a cult leader you will get a lot of renown. Cultists are hated in the Paradigm Worlds. You have killed the innocent and lost your honor.

Scoiatael Prince - [cost +180 Doomsdays]
You start as a leader of a small squad of Scoiatael commandos. You have a town and a few castles, and no reason to complain - not so long ago you had nothing but the forest, but now you are a fresh duke. Mind that your little state doesn't deserve the name 'kingdom' - not yet. You have some loyal troops garrisoned in your castles, but you need more than that to survive in this harsh political environment.

Corrupted Justice League Commander - [cost +240 Doomsdays]
Those fools. They trained you, showed you their secrets. Such great power, the concept of the Justice League organization... The ideal trampoline into power. For the last few years you have been working on your position, and now... yes, now it is YOUR time! As the most powerful master of the Justice League, you just announced the creation of a new nation... Your nation.
They will not let you do this. They will try to crush you. All lords, one by one, must be broken. You are not defenseless. Legions await your command. You will lead them to victory. Anything less than EVERYTHING is failure!

On your life journey you have met...

Some staring roles supply you with an amount of troops under your command, and some do not. Whatever the case, this option allows you to pick an additional band of units and/or companions to begin your adventure with, if you so choose.

A Band of Hardened Companions - [+120 Doomsday Clicks]
Starts your game with almost every unique companion in your party - 30 of them to be precise.

A Party of Very Random Characters - [+60 Doomsday Clicks]
Starts your game with the companions The Hexer, Void-3 Bzzt, Jethroo, Professor Munchauser, Miguel de la Mancha, Lukretia Di Corcia, Brother Tukka, Jason X and Tombstone.

A Wild Band of Dangerous Individuals - [+40 Doomsday Clicks]
Starts your game with the companions Tsi Lu Five shadows, Darth Kalak, Mannheim Devourer and Hrushtcholf.
Also starts you with acompany of 56 other troops. Specifically:
10 Zona Adventurers
12 Mercenary Firelock Condotieres
3 Mercenary Assassins
3 Mercenary Wakizashis
1 Mercenary Orc Gunner
1 Mercenary Companion
3 Desert Bandits
1 Corsair Lieutenant
6 Orc Sea-Rats
4 Uruk Pirate Conquistas
2 Renaissance Musketeer Commanders
4 Renaissance Conquista Sergeants
6 Fantasy Uruk Shock Cavs

Wrong Creatures and made a Few Bad Choices - [+30 Doomsday Clicks]
Starts your game with the companions Freddy Krueger Meat Master and Jason X in your party.

A Crazy Engineer and a Tribal - [+20 Doomsday Clicks]
Starts your game with the companions Professor Munchauser and Mani in your party.

A lot of creatures, but as a lone wolf you never made friends with anyone. - [+0 Doomsday Clicks]
"Companions would slow you down, would make you weak. They would be a bullet to the neck, a fifth wheel. On your adventures you laerned how to rely on yourself. You are stronger, faster, and know better than anyone how to handle any weapon."
This obviously starts you with no additional troops.

Attributes & Skills


Strength (STR)
Every point adds +1 to hit points.
Also increases Melee Critical Hit Chance/Damage & Melee/Ranged Critical Hit Defense.
Agility (AGI)
Every point gives five weapon points and slightly increases movement speed.
Also increases Ranged Critical Hit Chance/Damage.

Intelligence (INT)
Every point to Intelligence immediately gives one extra skill point.
Charisma (CHA)
Each point increases your party size limit by +1.


Body Building (STR)
Reduces weight penalty to speed and efficiency by 5kg per skill level.
Each point to this skill increases battle health by +3%.
Also increases Ranged/Melee Critical Hit Defense.
Combat Brutality (STR)
Increases melee damage by +5% per skill level.
Also increases Melee Critical Hit Chance/Damage.

Grenadier (STR)
Reduces recoil and improves accuracy of automatic weapons.
Increases throwing damage by 10%.
Improves damage of all explosives.
Silent Hunter (AGI)
Increases your speed and efficiency with a bow.
Each point to this skill increases bow damage by 14.

Critical Precision (AGI)
Increases accuracy by 1%.
Makes it easier to learn weapon proficiencies and increases the proficiency limits as follows:
60, 100, 140, 180, 220, 260, 300, 340, 380 and 420.
Also increases Melee Critical Hit Chance by 2%.
Vanguard (AGI)
Damage is lowered by 3% (or 2 points) per each point of Vanguard.
Reduces damage to shields by 8% per skill level and improves shield speed and coverage.
Increases battle health by an additional 2%.
Also increases Ranged/Melee Critical Hit Defense.

Combat Speed (AGI)
Improves your running and attack speed.
Reduces penalties from weather on the battlefield.
Also increases Melee Critical Hit Chance.
Animal Raider (AGI)
Enables you to ride animals of higher difficulty levels.
Increases base mount speed by 5% per skill level.
Reduces penalties to mount from weather on the battlefield.

Mobile Shooter (AGI)
Reduces damage and accuracy penalties for archery, shooting and throwing from horseback.
Increases base mount speed by 3% per skill level.
Reduces penalties to mount from weather on the battlefield.
Luck (AGI)
Increases rewards for quests & the amount of loot, gold and xp gained after a fight.
Also may improve your chances of gaining attribute points during mutations.

Mutation (STR)
When someone undergoes mutation there is a random chance to lose or gain 5 points to all attributes. Each two points of this skill raise the random value by 1, with a Mutation skill of 10 being guaranteed to give a character NO negative status changes during mutation.
The damage of some bio-tech weaponry is also based on your Mutation skill.
Professional (CHA)
Described as general proficiency in economy, warfare and business.
+1% per point to commanded troops' efficiency on the battlefield.
+3% to Damage and Accuracy per skill level.
Increases battle health by 2%.
Also increases Ranged Critical Hit chance.

Survival (AGI)
Increases battle health by 5%.
Reduces party's terrain penalties on the world map. Especially effective in forested areas.
Tracks become more informative.
Also increases Ranged Critical Hit Defense.
Warfare (INT)
+1% efficiency per point to commanded troops on the battlefield.
Warfare has an effect on many aspects of waging war, ie. strategy and wages (cost of supplies) for troops.
On a tactical level, this affects how many troops you lose as a rear guard when you choose to retreat.
Slight bonus to movement speed on the world map when on plains or steppes.

Logistics (AGI)
Party map movement speed is increased by 3% per skill level.
Eagle Eye (AGI)
Improves ranged accuracy on the battlefield by 5%. Must-have for snipers.
Increases Ranged Critical Hit chance.
Party sight range is increased by 10% per skill level.
+1% increase in world map movement speed.

Inventory Management (INT)
Increases inventory capacity by +6 per skill level.
Wound Treatment (INT)
Party healing speed is increased by 20% per skill level.

Surgery (INT)
Each point to this skill gives a 4% chance that a mortally struck party member will be wounded rather than killed.
Field Medicine (INT)
+3% battle health per skill level to commanded troops on the battlefield.
Companions regain 5% of their hit points lost during a mission per level of this skill.

Engineer (INT)
Allows you to construct siege equipment and fief improvements more efficiently.
+1 damage per point when using automatic weapons.
Increases bonuses (speed and efficiency) from items' quality (eg masterwork) on the battlefield by 10%.
Manipulation (CHA)
+1% per point to commanded troops' efficiency on the battlefield.
This skill, quote, "helps you make other people accept your point of view."
It also lowers the minimum level of relationship needed to get NPC's to do what you want.
Lords' treachery costs lower with every point of manipulation.

CyberTech (INT)
Improves efficiency of battlefield microchips by +13%, or +3 points, with each level of this skill.
Also improves hacking range, attack by drones, etc.
Sailing (INT)
Improves party speed on water when sailing.
Highly increases amount and quality of loot after sea battle.

Slave Trading (CHA)
Better prices for prisoners.
Lowers chance that a captured lord will escape after a lost battle.
Every level of this skill increases the maximum number of prisoners you can hold by 5.
Leadership (CHA)
+1% per point to commanded troops' efficiency on the battlefield.
Every point increasses the maximum number of troops you can command, increases your party morale and reduces troop wages.

Bartering (CHA)
Every level of this skill reduces your trade penalty by 5, although revenue from banks is dependent on the personal trade skill of each lord.

Starting Location

These cities have different names in each era, but the locations remain the same.

The Morlokian Pyre Mines
Bastogne - 5066
Hagg - 6077
Nargogrond - 7022
New London - 10K

The deep snow-covered Necro lands
Meihmoll - 5066
Rheinstat - 6077
SS-GD Inc. - 7022
Radar - 10K

The Alien Warm Swamps
Osagi - 5066
Mau-Tau - 6077
Nithnonia - 7022
Niniva - 10K

The Magic Lands
Rogbar - 5066
Mal Dragoth - 6077
A'Hakhan - 7022
Purgatory - 10K

The biggest Human City Port in the realm
Dreistanz - 5066
Gutenberg - 6077
Hanzau - 7022
Lifedome - 10K

The Havi-havi Desert
Ierusaleh - 5066
Sanitarium Hospital - 6077
TriXecon - 7022
Corruption - 10K

Tips for Beginners

You are now ready to enter the Paradigm Worlds, and begin your adventure!
Of course, there are still a few things to learn and keep in mind before your journey begins.
Here are some helpful tips:

The most important thing to do if you're new to Paradigm Worlds is SPEAK TO A TAVERNKEEPER! They provide a ton of helpful knowledge that you may find yourself completely lost without.

Also, ranged weaponry is incredibly powerful, and a single well-placed shot can take you out of the battle. For instance, Sanitarium Conspiracy inquisitors can throw Demon Heads that, while incredibly inaccurate, do damage up to 255 points!
Of course, like in Mount & Blade, you can't build your army just out of ranged units - one well-timed charge could take out your ranks before you can say "Ranged units! Fire!"

On that note, be very wary of your troops' positions on the battlefield when you give a "Fire At Will" order - Because of the way Mount & Blade: Warband handles ranged weapons, your party will fire their ranged weapons off the second you give the order, regardless of what's in front of them or whether or not they're aiming at an enemy. If your men are armed with explosive weaponry, this can be utterly devastating.

Another important thing not to forget is that the division you place a troop in comes with certain bonuses!
Click Here to see what those bonuses are.

And remember - Unlike in the base game of Mount & Blade: Warband, your troops need to drink in addition to needing food! Bring water or milk with you before you set off on a long journey, or things could end poorly very early into your career...!

Who To Target, Who To Avoid

The easiest groups to attack in the early game are Zombies, Cannibals and Doomsday Cultists - though you'll want to start avoiding Doomsday Cultists once the DOOMSDAY CLOCK gets to around 300 ticks.

Undead Hordes appear to be very intimidating, though while they are not to be underestimated it is important to remember that 90% of their huge numbers are made up of very weak undead peasants. The scariest thing about them is their cavalry, as their undead horses have greater health than seemingly any other mount in the game. And just be wary of powerful Liches!

Vampire Hunters are similar to the Undead Hordes in that they can be very intimidating due to their large numbers, but are ultimately some of the weakest roving gangs you will encounter. The hunters often go into battle side-by-side with mutants carrying biological weaponry, and the possibility of looting these makes fighting Vampire Hunters very desirable - The effectiveness of Bio Weapons scales with the user's Mutation skill, making them some of the only weapons you can upgrade without delving into the crafting menu.
Their elite units are the Vampire Hunter Berserks and Executors, which are not to be underestimated and might even seem invincible to the lower-level player, though they are nowhere near as intimidating as (for example) an Alien Pirate King Juggernaut or a Cyborg.

Lost Legions and Alien Pirates are best avoided until mid game where they become more manageable, but they often bring with them nigh-indestructible elite units like the Alien Juggernauts and Vampire Lords.

Zona Wastelanders will tear you up from early to mid game. DO NOT try to take these on unless you have a sizeable company of elite troops.

Morlok war parties will commonly have ranged weaponry capable of disarming you, forcing you to use your fists. This can be inconvenient and frustrating at best, and completely debilitating at worst.

Desert Abominations are absolutely terrifying, and are to be avoided at all costs by all but the mightiest of armies.

Paradigm Worlds is an insanely varied mod, and it can be overwhelming at first. There are many things to learn, and a plethora of a plethora of different weapons and items to learn how to use effictively. It takes some getting into. Have patience, and have fun.