Year 5066 Paradigms

Paradigm Primal

The Year 5066 marks the early development stages of the world's freshly arisen civilizations.
Nations are lower levels of cultural and industrial development, towns and castles have smaller garrisons, wandering bands are less numerous, bandits are more common, and firearms are very limited.
Factions always fight for dominance, knighthood is popular and respected, and there are weapons more powerful than gunpowder... though the dominance of heavy cavalry may soon come to an end.

Generally, the militar ytechnology of the greater parts of each faction doesn't go higher than bows and arrows. Gunpowder and firearms are not reliable, at least not yet. Only nobles and rich creatures can allow themselves to buy sophisticated firearms or energy blasters. Common creatures have to rely on good old close combat with all flavors of melee weaponry.
The world is also not yet entirely colonized by the factions. There are two serious powers strong enough to remain indipendent: Criminals and cannibals, all the evils of this world, feeding on its misery in organized bands. Criminals do also own their own towns, though they do not organize any form of official government.

There are also Free Creatures, a neutral and peaceful commune, who own a few population centers here and there.
Both of these special factions - Outlaws and Commoners - stay in opposition to the concept of feudalism. They do not accept lords or nobility, nor power or government.

At these early stages of the world's development, the air is rather clear. Plagues and diseases are uncommon, a rare and surprising event.

Notes: Merchants in town will offer merchandise reduced of high advanced equipment, fewer firearms etc.
Rules: No Auto-fire, ¬95% speed, ¬70% damage, centers in good health

Directorate Liberte

Morloks inspired by the French Revolution.

Weimear Reich

Traditionally medieval-like humans. Their paradigm is a pop-medieval culture (because of its historic inaccuracy) slightly mixed with Third Reich terminology - For example, one of their most powerful heavy cavalry units is called a Royal Tiger and soldiers' ranks use Wehrmacht names.

Very heavy cavalry. Well-armored horses with great charge capability. Rather medium range archers. Weak infantry more akin to the Storm Troopers from Star Wars, but armed with a decent ranged weapon: Throwing javelins. Weimear forces do great in open terrain battles, but do not fare quite as well in castle sieges.

Blood Creatures of Tao

A clan of red ninjas, also known as the Rubin Shadow of the Iron Blood.
There are two clans in the Paradigm Worlds - The Rubin Shadow of the Iron Blood, and the Twelve Fists of the Celestial Blast. These clans wage indefinite war. Made as a tribute to oldschool ninja-karate movies of the '80s, Blue Celestials and Rubin Ninja may be encountered in any era. Celestials are part of the Justice League, while the Rubin align themselves with Outlaws.

Don't underestimate their skills - their armaments may be primitive, but the warriors of both clans devote their life to mastering the handling of their weapons. They are very skilled in causing massive, critical wounds, and are masters of all sorts of katanas, nogachis and glaives.
Almost all Rubin Clan ranged troops use deadly crossbows.
Both clans have ranged cavalry, and both sides often come equipped with gigantic star-discs.

Rubin Clan warfare doctrine depends on the fastest possible melee contact and taking down opponents in close combat. They are mostly equipped in light armor, in exchange for better mobility.

Tribes of Gasagash

A Paradigm of tribal Orcs and Uruks. Their troops consist - of course - of Orcs and Uruks of all kinds. Orcs represent light cavalry and infantry, Uruks form their heavier troops.

Hanzet League

Classic Renaissance Paradigm.

Crusaders, Kingdom of Heaven

The Kingdom of Heaven is a 'modern' re-imagining of the Swadian faction from the base game of Mount & Blade: Warband. Paradigm Worlds has been changed so heavily that Swadians had to copied, re-fitted and of course slightly re-skinned.
Their armors and weapons are classic Warband stuff, however to make them fit into the reality of Paradigm Worlds the stats have been changed, with respect to the general idea of the original faction.

The Crusaders' Troop Tree is also mostly faithful to the original, with some minor changes. To spice things up a bit - and still stay in line with the original - the following troops have been added:

Bombardiers - May be compared to the first medieval troops ever to use gunpowder. These heavy armored man-at-arms use arquebuses and primitive charges. They can take decent damage due to their high armor.

Crusader - Holy Knights, high-tier, very well equipped heavy medieval cavalry. A quest similar to the search for the holy grail motivates these knights to explore the world to seek out super-powerful items. This means these knights sometimes equip Elite Items, usually accessible only to lords.

Crusader Aposthol - These incredibly heavily-armored half-giants, with gigantic two-handed swords known as Executors, can take down almost any enemy with a single slash. They are even more deadly on their warhorses. Very long lances, combined with organised charges, can brake any line of defense. Aposthols are knights, inquisitors, priests, agents, and heroes in one.

Not a single classic troop has been removed.