Minor Factions

There are many more factions sharing the Paradigm Worlds than just the six major paradigms.
From farmers to criminals, cannibals to undead, cyborgs to mutants... Familiarizing oneself with these minor factions can be an important part of the road to success.

Justice League
6077 - 7022 - 10k

The Justice League take up the duty of defending the weak and hunting down the enemies of peace, from bandits and pirates to vampires and more. They wage war against all whose dishonorable actions bring the Paradigm Worlds closer to Doomsday. They are greatly skilled fighters, but their numbers are not as numerous as some factions... But anyone can be an ally of the Justice League.

They often come to blows with the Aliens in all the iterations of their Paradigm, as they are known to fund the pirates that plague the swamps. Of course, the aliens are heavily divided amongst themselves, and the Justice League harbors no true hatred for the faction as a whole.

They ask for only one thing of their members: Honor.

The Twelve Fists of the Celestial Blast Clan ninjas align themselves with this faction, and can be encountered in any era.
Blue Clan troops are a bit slower than their Red Clan counterparts, more heavily armored, and their melee weapons are not as deadly.
The Blue Clan has very skilled light archers at their disposal.
Both clans have ranged cavalry, and both sides often come equipped with gigantic star-discs.

Rogue Pirate Hunters
5066 - 6077 - 7022 - 10k

A faction of Alien headhunters devoted to tracking down the Alien Pirates that plague the lands, riding their mechanical bears into battle.

5066 - 6077 - 7022 - 10k

Dishonorable warriors that have run from their parties and roam the land as "free brothers", attacking smaller groups.

Scoiatael Commando
6077 - 7022

The Scoiatael Rebels consider themselves freedom fighters, fighting against humans and those who hate non-humans. They seek vengeance against those who humiliate them, and their enemies are many, which has driven them to using guerrilla tactics to defend their rights.

They are financed by the Fantasy Paradigm, despite the fact that the faction is known to have many Human rulers. However, the Scoiatael are willing to accept any donations, even if they were to come from the devil himself.

While the Scoiatael do have camps in the years 5066 and 10k, they have no presence as a Minor Faction in these eras.

Weimear Rebellion
6077 - 7022 - 10k

The Weimear were a classical medieval kingdom, swearing by the purity of their traditions and the strength of their armor... Or so it seemed to the outside world. In truth, the greatest lords of Weimear knew the real source of their Paradigm's power - for decades, the nobles of the Weimear sold their souls in pagan rituals. Year after year, the once powerful faction descended deeper into corruption and decadence.

The uncorrupted Weimaer that remain beyond the year 5066 have now been left as a scattered band of rebels, still trying to fight to regain their lost glory to this day...

Zona Adventurers
6077 - 7022

No lore is known about the Zona Adventurers as of yet.

5066 - 6077 - 7022 - 10k

A sweeping categorization of the Zombies, Liches, Vampire Hordes and more that wander the Paradigm Worlds.

Doomsday Cultists
6077 - 7022 - 10k

Dark followers of Ketele, the Motherwhore of Chaos and Despair. Hated by almost all creatures of the Paradigm Worlds, their only goal is to cause as much suffering as possible to speed up the ticking of the Doomsday Clock, and bring forth the coming of their horrible god.

Star Gate Expedition
6077 - 7022 - 10k

Strange, armed men from another dimension, wielding weapons and armor that do not fit in with the Paradigm Worlds...

5066 - 6077 - 7022 - 10k

No lore is known about the Engineers as of yet.
Technomages. Dark-Net Arch-Mages.

Old Gods Crusaders
5066 - 6077 - 7022 - 10k

No lore is known about the Old Gods Crusaders as of yet.

New Legion Assimilators
6077 - 7022

The faction once known by their former name, "The Lost Legion," been assimilated. Originally a faction based on Ancient Roman Legions, they were 'cyborgized' to fit in more with the aesthetic of Paradigm Worlds.

The Lost Legion can always be encountered as a minor faction. It is one of the unique minor factions that can spawn massive armies lead by a powerful leader - SCIPIO GLABAA. The presence of Glabaa in the Paradigm Worlds is guaranteed, no matter what conditions you begin your game in.

The Legion style themselves after the ancient Roman Empire, believing themselves to be the descendants of a lone Roman Legion that had hidden themselves away deep beneath the earth, only to finally re-emerge "a few hundred years ago" into the modern Paradigm Worlds. Their power comes from an incredibly strict training regimen, and the Legion will offer their martial prowess to other creatures for the right price.

While the Legion do have camps in the years 5066 and 10k, they have no presence as a Minor Faction in these eras.

They maintain their numbers by attacking smaller groups of caravans and traveling commoners, enslaving them into joining their warrior ranks. This provokes tensions with the larger Paradigms, but the Legion have proven themselves to be too useful to the powers of the world to stop their less-than-honorable operations.

Depending on the era/scenario, the Legion may be replaced by one of the other 30 factions, or even by hand-picked minor factions specifically chosen to fit the scenario.
Powerful heavy infantry, good cavalry. Their ranged troops are well armored, but their blasters have no good stopping power. Highly advanced in technology, they have unique troops that can summon flying drones.

The rulers of this faction are predominantly vampires assimilated into a Biotec-like species between the years of 6077 - 7022, but the Legion eventually grows into the Technomati Empire by the year 10k, where it is run by noble, "enlightened" Vampires who carry the faction into the next era.

Crazy Pikts
5066 - 6077 - 7022 - 10k

No lore is known about the Crazy Pikts as of yet.

Monster Hunters

No lore is known about the Monster Hunters as of yet.


No lore is known about the Anomalities as of yet.

Necromantic Weimear Aristocracy

Corrupted nobles and leaders of the Weimear, acting in the shadows to grant their faction unspeakable power through pagan rituals, their rotting bodies turning into twisted, evil creatures pulling their people deeper into the depths of decadence with each passing day.

Wild Band

No lore is known about the Wild Band as of yet.


No lore is known about the Illuminati as of yet.


No lore is known about the Synchronisers as of yet.

Alien Front of Tradition

No lore is known about the Alien Front of Tradition as of yet.

Naturalist Faction

No lore is known about the Naturalist Faction as of yet.

People's Revolution

No lore is known about the People's Revolution as of yet.


5066 - 6077 - 7022 - 10k

Independent wild biotecs can be encountered as part of the Monsters faction.

Settlers (5066) - Commoners (6077-7022) - Free World (10k)

No lore is known about the Settlers as of yet.

Bandits (6077) - Outlaws (6077-7022) - Criminal Syndicate (10k)

The Rubin Shadow of the Iron Blood Clan ninjas align themselves with this faction, and can be encountered in any era.

5066 - 6077 - 7022 - 10k

No lore is known about the Neutral as of yet.

5066 - 6077 - 7022 - 10k

No lore is known about the Innocents as of yet.


Though not technically a minor faction, the Corsairs are a distinct enough troop type to earn their own spot in this list.