There are many unique characters you will meet in your adventures in the Paradigm Worlds, each bringing their own skills to the battlefield. Them and their backstories, such as they are and taken directly from the game, are chronicled below.

NOTE: Companions' psychological profiles are randomized on every playthrough. Remember to check these yourself when interacting with your party.

Ersam Rotjedamm

Ersam Rotjedamm is a relatively intelligent and charismatic Human, a skilled Inventory Manager and Animal Rider. He is most proficient with throwing weapons, and good with one-handed weapons. His highest combat skill is Grenadier, though it is only at 3.

Named after Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus, Dutch philosopher and Christian scholar, widely considered to have been one of the greatest scholars of the northern Renaissance.

"Hello, my friend! Are you in need of philosopher"

Response: If you come with 'sophia', who knows?

"Then I can provide you with most sophisticated 'wisdom' my friend."

"Unfortunatley love for wisdom can dangerous for your health. I was court philoshoper in (town). But the lords woke me at 4 a.m.! When it's cold and air is bad. I caught cold and nearly died. So now I seek new master, new adventures."

"So tell me, are you looking for philosophers?"


Tombstone is a strong and agile Skeletal warrior, with 10 Bodybuilding and 12 Combat Speed. His strength and agility are around 30, and he has 260 proficiency in all weapons. Tombstone has an alternate heavy loadout in his inventory. He does not have any melee weapons, instead using his own style of martial arts that does 50 blunt damage.

Likely named after the villain of the same name from the Marvel comics Spider-Man, Daredevil and Punisher, as he wears the Punisher's trademark t-shirt.

"Ah. Well, if you must know, I shall tell you. I am out of money."


Mani is a tribal Human with all attributes near 25, but is mostly average across the board in terms of skills. He is most proficient with one-handed weapons, and good with all other non-magical ranged weaponry.

Likely named after the Maniq people, or Mani, a society of Negrito hunter-gatherers in the southern provinces of Thailand.

"Good day to you!"

Response: Hello. I see my dear friend that you are little lost. Can I help you?

"I am last of the proud Iquazezi, primitive, but friendly tribals. And don't get me wrong, we were happy living old way of our ancestors."

I was buying provisions for a winter at here in UNRECOGNIZED TOKEN"

"If creatures from my tribe would know how to use all these pistols, rifles, magic staves! Too late for them. I decided to learn everything I can of modern world. If you look for a skilled hunter, I would offer my service."

Well, as it happens I run a company of mercenaries.
These 'modern' things will lose you. You can be happy in your way. Be free. I can't hire you..

"I would be pleased to join you. I think I can a lot from you. I am quite skilled hunter, opened for gaining experience."

Response: Um, that's a start. We can teach you the rest.


Hrushtcholf the Morlokian Internal Affairs Commissar is a skilled Grenadier and Manipulator, with okay Hacking, Logistics and Survival skills which make him a valuable addition to a party. He is most proficient with firearms, and good with throwing weapons. He carries a Persuadraton into battle, which can turn the tide of even the most dire encounter, along with a Syndicate Mixrochip +++HEALTH.

Hrushtcholf's dialogue is almost completely identical to Rolf's from the base game of Mount & Blade: Warband.

"Greetings. I am Hrushtcholf, descendant of Rolf, of the most ancient and puissant House of Rolf."

Response: Hm... I have never heard of the House of Rolf.

"Really? Well, perhaps your ignorance can be forgiven. Our ancestral lands are far away, over the mountains."

"Like all the men of my family, I have come to a foreign land to make a name for myself in the profession of arms before returning home to take over custodianship of my estates. Unfortunately, the authorities in these lands have little understanding of the warrior code, and have chosen to call me a bandit and brigand, and put a price on my head -- a most unfair libel to throw at a gentleman adventurer, you will surely agree."

"But I am anxious to avoid any further trouble, so if you knew of any company of fighting men where I might enlist, I would be most grateful."

"Note however that as a gentleman and the holder of a barony, I expect to be in a position of command, and not be treated as one of the common soldiers."

Miguel de la Mancha

Miguel de la Mancha is a relatively charismatic Human warrior, and is a skilled Animal Rider and Manipulator. He has a basic spread of combat skills, and 140 proficiency in all weapons. His Longbarrel Wheelock Pistol is loaded with +80 Damage Explosive Cartridges, and he carries a spyglass that increases Eagle Eye, Logistics and Sailing by +2. He rides a Musketeer Hunter horse into battle, a mount of medium speed and low charge power.

He is named after a combination of Don Quixote de la Mancha and Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, the writer of the story of the same name.

"Greetings, noble friend! I am Miguel."

Response: Wait, no...? 'The' Miguel de Selvupedra? Author of 'Adventures of brave Snacho and his squire Chote de Don?

"Yes, the same. I see you are most educated man."

"Now I seek new ideas. For the new book."

"So tell me, are you looking for helpers? I could join you and we can seek together what this world has to offer?"


Jethroo is a highly agile Mutant warrior, and has a good spread of combat skills. He is highly skilled in Survival, and has a proficiency of 30 in all weapons.

Jethroo has a 0 in Mutation. Though one would expect a Mutant to have a 10 in such a skill, one must remember that a creature with 0 Mutation undergoes reincarnations that are far more unstable and commonly negative, and Mutants are the result of those chaotic and unchecked changes.

Jethroo's dialogue is almost completely identical to Matheld's from the base game of Mount & Blade: Warband.

"Ah. Well, if you must know, I shall tell you."

"I am from an old family in the northern lands, the daughter of a thane and also wife to one. I fought by my husband's side, his partner both in war and in peace. But my husband died of the plague, when I was still childless. My husband had decreed that I should inherit his lands, in the absence of an heir. My brother-in-law, cursed be his name, said that it was not our custom that women could inherit a thanedom. That was nonsense, but his gold bought the loyalties of enough of my husband's faithless servants for him to install himself in my hall. So I fled, something I was raised never to do, and something I hope never to do again."

"When I have enough gold to raise an army I shall go back and take what it is mine."

"I shall be pleased to fight in your shield wall. But I warn you -- if you ask me to gather the firewood, or cook a meal, you will not like the consequences."

Agori Sadu

Agori Sadu is a ridiculously agile Morlokian warrior, with an Agility attribute of 120. He is skilled in Bartering and Manipulation, and is highly proficient in both one-and-two-handed weapons, with his second-highest proficiency being in polearms. He carries his own weapon, the Agori Lightsabre, which is a fast 46 pierce damage one-handed sword.

Likely named after the Aghori, a small group of ascetic Shaiva sadhus - holy people in Hinduism and Jainism who have reounced the worldly life.

"Agori Sadu I am. What is you seek?"

Response: A traveller I am. Seek adventure I am. What's your story?

"Traveller am I? Yes. From star to star, from life to another one."

"Here I came thru rift. Like theese strange soldiers."

"So tell me, are you looking for company?"

Dick Runciter

Dick Runciter is average in almost every way. His highest proficiency is in throwing weapons and firearms, and he carries a Darknet BERSERK Chip ++SPEED ++MELEE DMG into battle, which may offset his shortcomings somewhat.

Dick Runciter is likely named after a combination of American writer Philip K. Dick and Glen Runciter from Dick's novel, "Ubik".

He is either a Human or a Dwarf.

Dick Runciter's dialogue is almost completely identical to Clovis' from the base game of Mount & Blade: Warband.

"You there, good man, be so kind as to fetch me another drink, eh?"

Response: You must have me confused with the tavernkeep, sir.

"My most humble apologies. It is sometimes hard to recognize folk amid the smoke and gloom here. I still cannot believe that I must make my home in such a place."

"I was my father's first son, and his heir. But my mother died, and my father remarried. His new wife thought that her son should inherit. She could not move against me openly, but the other day I fed a pot of suet that had been left out for me to one of my hounds, and it keeled over. I accused my stepmother, but my father, befuddled by her witchcraft, refused to believe me and ordered me to leave his sight."

"I hope to offer my sword to some worthy warlord, as it is the only honourable profession for a man of my birth apart from owning land, but in the meantime, I am condemned to make my bed among thieves, vagabonds, merchants, and the other riff-raff of the road."

"I am a gentleman, and prefer to fight with sword and lance. I recognize that you are of lower birth than I, there is no shame for me to serve under an experienced captain -- presuming, of course, that your followers do not become to ofamiliar with me. I assume that will not be a problem?"

Meat Master

Freddy Krueger Meat Master is a good warrior, with high Strength and Intelligence, and very high Agility. He is most proficient with firearms and throwing weapons, and very good with one-handed weapons. Meat Master has an alternate heavy loadout in his inventory, which includes a two-handed Electric Guitar. Curiously he also has several different mounts and shields. Also interestingly, Meat Master shares textures with Ketele, Dark Motherwhore of Chaos and Despair.

Underneath his "helmet", he is an Undead.

Meat Master's dialogue is almost completely identical to Jeremus' from the base game of Mount & Blade: Warband, which is incredibly humorous as it implies he is a doctor.

"Greetings, fellow traveller. Perhaps you can help me."

Response: How is that?

"I shall tell you -- but know that it is a tale of gross iniquity. I warn you in advance, lest you are of a choleric temperament, and so become incensed at the injustice done unto me that you do yourself a mischief."

"I am by training a natural philosopher, but condemned by the jealousy of the thick-headed doctors of my university to make my living as an itinerant surgeon. I was hired by a merchant of this city to cure his son, who fell into a coma after a fall from his balcony. I successfully trepanned the patient's skull to reduce the cranial swelling, but the family ignored my advice to treat the ensuing fevers with a tincture of willow bark, and the boy died. The father, rather than reward me for my efforts, charged me with sorcery -- me, a philosopher of nature! Such is the ignorance and ingratitude of mankind."

"The lord of this castle is reluctant to place me under arrest, but I am anxious to move on elsewhere."

"I have treated every variety of wound that can be inflicted by the hand of man. Before I was a surgeon, I was a student, so you may be sure that I have inflicted wounds as well as healed them."

Henatoph IV Kallak

Henatoph IV Kallak is an agile warrior, highly proficient in magic/energy weapons and good with one-and-two-handed weapons. Outside of their high Mutation skill, they are relatively average outside of their combat ability. Henatoph IV has an alternate heavy loadout in their inventory, filled with many different weapons and nanoParasites, including Meat Master's throwing axes.

Though they may appear to be a kind of fleshy Biotec monster, as they bear a visual similarity to Void-3 Bzzt, they are a Mutant through-and-through.

Henatoph IV Kallak's dialogue is almost completely identical to Katrin's from the base game of Mount & Blade: Warband.

"Hello there, laddie. Have a drink on me."

Response: What's the occasion?

Why, I managed to sell my wagon and pots, lad. For once I've got money to spend and I intend to make the best of it."

"For 30 years I followed the armies of this land, selling them victuals and drink, watching their games of dice and finding them girls, and nary a denar was left in my purse at the end."

"It's no kind of life, victualling the armies. You earn a bit here and a bit there as the soldiers spend their money, and then along comes one defeat and you have to start over, endebting yourself to buy a new wagon and new oxen. So I've decided to get out of the business, but army life is all I know."

"I know how to swing a blade, staunch a wound, and feed an army on the march. It would be a foolish captain who passed up the opportunity to hire an experienced campaigner like me! Say, laddie, don't you command a war party of your own, now?"

"Why, I'll be a soldier myself! Help my old hands to a bit of loot to comfort me in my retirement. Two boys I bore, both soldier's brats, and they became soldiers themselves. One had his head split by a Khergit war club, the other died of the pox, but at least they didn't die hungry."

Lukretia Di Corcia

Lukretia Di Corcia is a scantily-clad "Beautiful Female", highly skilled in Inventory Management and very Manipulation. She also has a proficiency of 80 in all weaponry, and a unique top that provides little defense.

"Ah. Well, if you must know, I shall tell you. I am out of money."

Max Gibson

Max Gibson is a powerful Human warrior, highly skilled in Combat Brutality, Animal Riding, Eagle Eye and Engineering. He has a proficiency of 200 in all weaponry. Max Gibson has an alternate heavy loadout in his inventory, along with a plethora of different weapons, armors, shields and guns. He has a unique monkeywrench that provides +1 Engineering, and a very fast custom Harlem-Wilkinson Hovercraft.

Named after a combination of Mel Gibson and Mad Max, a character Mel Gibson played.

"Ah. Well, if you must know, I shall tell you. I am out of money."

Lana the Warpriestess

Lana the Warpriestess is an average Uruk fighter across the board. She is proficient with one-handed weapons, with her second-highest proficiency being in two-handed weaponry.

Lana the Warpriestess's dialogue is almost completely identical to Baheshtur's from the base game of Mount & Blade: Warband.

"Fear the God!"

Response: Certainly. With whom do I have the pleasure of drinking?

"I am Baheshtur, son of Azabei, grandson of Badzan. Were you not a barbarian, you would likely know from my lineage that I am a Roan Horse Khergit of the highlands, of the tribe of Shamir, of the clan of Dulam, of the family of Ubayn, from the Pantash valley, and you might be able to guess why I am so far from home."

"For as long as any one can remember, our people have feuded with the tribe of Humyan, many of whom have settled in the next valley over. Many men have died in this feud, on both sides, including two of my brothers. The Khan himself has ordered us to cease, to save men for the wars in Calradia. But I know my rights, and my brothers' blood cries out for vengeance. I waylaid and killed a Humyan on a track over the mountains, and I rode out of our village the same night, without even having had the chance to bid farewell to my father. I will bide my time in Calradia, for a year or two, then return home when the Khan's men have forgotten. The Humyan will not forget, of course, but such is the price of honour."

"In the meantime, any opportunities to earn a living with my sword would be most welcome."

"I shall not betray you -- so long, of course, as you do your duty to me by feeding me, paying me, and not dragging my miserable hide into a battle where there is no chance o fwinning. Hand me some salt, if you will -- it is the custom of our creatures to take salt from our captains, as a token of their concern for our well-being."

Commodus Maximus

Commodus Maximus is a strong warrior, skilled in all combat disciplines and a proficiency of 180 in all weaponry. Like most of the New Legion, Commodus Maximus can call sentry drones into battle.

Commodus Maximus is either a Human or a Dwarf.

"Ah. Well, if you must know, I shall tell you. I am out of money."


Mazaka is a cloaked Alien, decked out in full Predator Camo gear that renders them almost completely invisible. They also use their own unique hand-to-hand fighting style. Mazaka is interesting in that their equipment seems unique, but can be unequipped and used by the player in whatever way they see fit. The invisibility is largely cosmetic, and has no impact on enemy troops' vision. Their skills are medium-to-high across the board, highly proficient with magic/energy weapons, very good with one-handed weapons, and good with throwing weapons. Their combat speed of 15 is one of the highest among the companions.

"This who is standing here welcomes your entity."

Response: And my entity welcomes you stranger.

"We came from stars. We don't back. My ship crashed."

"I want to know more. See more. I can teach and learn I can. My last job was here in (town). But now I am free and I can do whatever I want."

Blae Th'c

Blae Th'c is a strong and incredibly agile (Half-)Vampire warrior, with proficiencies over 200 in all weaponry, but outside of being decked out in Fallen Legion equipment has nothing that particularly stands out.

"Hello. How do you find yourself in this crazy multi race chaos we call world?"

"You see, I was a vampire hunter. I was the best vampire huntere this world have seen. That's because partially I was a half-vampire too."

Vampires you see, killed all my family. I never knew my real parents. I was kidnapped by fangs and raised as their own. They taught me their language and customs. Fangs didn't kill me, because I partially transformed into one of them."

"I don't kow where our friendship could lead us."

"An errant knight without a cause. That's who am I now."

The most important are days, that are about to come. Release yourself from curse of the past, but do remember.
I'm afraid you start massave my man just because they aren't like you. Or that they did something to you. Gather up and we will see next time.

Lukrak Shaman

Lukrak Shaman is an agile Piktish ranger, skilled in Field Medicine and Survival, proficient with polearms and archery. Curiously, they are most proficient with one-handed weapons, though they have little to no skill in Body Building or Combat Brutality. They ride the Big Bad Wolf into battle, a mount of medium speed and low charge power.

"Shakaz? Kulkaramkal algaran captchu ku furru?"

Response: Oh, is it in Pictish? I knew some words. Trupkaka mauk kurksun nurbarak?

"Ha! Ha! You just said 'I was █████ by an old ogre and his mother'. You so funny!"

"A few days ago me and my company joined pictish war party and sacked (town). Everything was great, but after the fight rest of my companions tried to kill me. Our shaman said I am too human. You see, my father was piktish raider, and my mother... well let's say she died quickly after my birth. Probably eaten. She was a slave from another raid. My father was stupid as hell, but he had a good heart. He should kill me, like mum, but he lied to tribemaster that I am full Pikt."

"So tell me, are you looking for helpers? I can raid and pillage. I can kill and destroy. I am great archer and I can ride every animal you have."

Xatlenco The Zoologist

Xatlenco The Zoologist is a Human Conspiracy Inquisitor with average attributes, skilled in Field Medicine and Survival. He is most proficient at magic/energy weapons, and very proficient in polearms, throwing weapons and firearms. He is equipped with the Sanitarium Conspiracy's trademark Paralyzing Palantirs, which could turn the tide in smaller battles.

Xatlenco The Zoologist's dialogue is almost completely identical to Bunduk's from the base game of Mount & Blade: Warband.

"Greetings there, Brother! Here's to the doom and downfall of all high-born lords and ladies!

Why do you say that, sir?
That's rebel talk, and I'll hear none of it. Good day to you.

"It's a long story, but if you get yourself a drink, I'll be glad to tell it."

"A sergeant I was, in the garrison here at (town). Twenty years I stood guard for the city, taking many a hard knock in many a tough fight, until they appointed a snot-nosed, downy-lipped princeling, barely out of his mother's cradle, as commander of the garrison. He came upon me standing watch atop the tower, with my crossbow unstrung -- on account of the rain, you see... Can't have the cord loosen... But Little Prince Snot-Nose tells me that an unstrung bow is dereliction of duty. Says he'll have me horsewhipped. And something in me snapped. So I walked off my post."

"Now I'm here getting drunk, and the Devil take tomorrow."

"You won't regret taking me on, Brother. I'm a dead eye with a crossbow -- a beautiful weapon, it can right punch through a nobleman's armour and spill his blue blood upon the ground. And I've trained more raw recruits than you've had hot dinners, begging your pardon. I don't toadie to the high-born."

Sir Goerind

Sir Goerind is a very strong Human Nashorn Lancer. He has good combat skills, but nothing else of particular note. He is naturally very proficient at polearms, and has absolutely no proficiency in archery, magic/energy weapons, throwing weapons or firearms.

"Yes? What is it you wish?"

Response: To pass the time of day with a fellow traveler, if you permit.

"Very well. I do not mind. My name is Sir Goering."

"I am last of the old clan of Nashorn riders. Former finest heavy cavarly in this world. Reinvention of firearms - this was our end. Soon pistol or even revolver could easily harm us and our heavy armor became almost useless. My friends and me, we hired to various lords as mercenaries until now. I am last one alive."

"And you know what? Today... My Nashorn died. And with him, my last friend."

Response: If you want to forget yourself in fierce battles, then you are welcome in my party.

"If you honor me invintation to your noble army as one of Companions, then I must accept. Gratefuly."

"I don't know what an old fool can do for you? I know how charge enemy, but I am not used to firearms."

Critter Killer

Critter Killer is a strong Chaos Dwarf warrior who excels at all forms of combat. He has a high Mutation and average Engineer skill. He has proficiencies of over 140 in all weaponry.

"Ah. Well, if you must know, I shall tell you. I am out of money."

Mannheim Devourer

Mannheim Devourer is an average Skeletal warrior, with proficiencies of 120 in all weaponry. MIGHT be named after DC Comics villain Bruno Mannheim, a character who turns to cannibalism after losing his mind.

Mannheim Devourer's dialogue is almost completely identical to Klethi's from the base game of Mount & Blade: Warband.

"Well, sir, as long as I can remember I've had a weakness for pretty things, and it's gotten me into trouble, you see."

"I grew up in Malayurg castle as a bonded servant, working alongside my mother in the kitchens. I would amuse myself by hunting mice through the pantries and sculleries. I was so good at it that I put the castle cats out of a job, and eventually the lord realized that I might also be employed to track down bigger game, on certain errands of a type perhaps better left unsaid. Needless to say, I found a number of opportunities to avail myself of trinkets that had formerly belonged to my lord's enemies. So I was able to buy myself out of bondage, and find hire as a free agent. My last job was here in (town)."

"Well, sir, let me tell you. I may not know how to read and write, but I know the quickest way to a man's heart is between his fourth and fifth rib, if you understand me."

"I can throw knives, in addition to stabbing with them, and I'm slippery as quicksilver. You'll find me useful in a fight, I'll warrant."

Professor Munchauser

Professor Munchauser is a highly-skilled Orc grenadier and Engineer, with 180 proficiency in firearms, but lacking in almost every other respect.

MIGHT be named after Munchausen's syndrome, a psychological disorder where someone pretends to be ill or deliberately produces symptoms of illness in themselves.

Professor Munchauser's dialogue is almost completely identical to Artimenner's from the base game of Mount & Blade: Warband, and possibly the only companion for whom this stock backstory somewhat fits their actual skillset.

"I'm an engineer, specialized in the art of fortification. If you need a wall knocked down, I can do that, given enough time. If you need a wall built back up, I can do that too, although it will take longer and cost you more. And you can't cut costs, either, unless you want your new edifice coming down underneath you, as someone around here has just found out."

"The castellan here in (town) wanted a new tower added to the wall. Trouble is, he ran out of cash halfway through the process, before I could complete the supports. I told him that it would collapse, and it did. Unfortunately he was standing on it, at the time. The new castellan didn't feel like honouring his predecessor's debts and implied that I might find myself charged with murder if I push the point."

"More fool me for having taken the contract without an advance, I suppose, but the end of it all is that I'm in a difficult spot, with the roads full of bandits and no money to pay for an escort. So I'd be much obliged if a well-armed party heading out in the next few days could take me along."

Response: Where do you need to go?

"Geroia, eventually, but I'd welcome the opportunity to get a few denars in my pocket, first, so I don't come home empty handed. So if you promise me food and a share of the loot, I'd be happy to fight with you for a while."

"Siegework is my speciality, although I reckon can handle myself well enough in an open battle, if need be."

T-11 Cyborg

T-11 Cyborg is an incredibly powerful "Human" war machine, highly skilled in all forms of combat with 200 proficiency in all weaponry. He only has a Plasma Launcher in his inventory, which is not a firearm or energy weapon as one might expect, but rather uses the Silent Hunter skill. Its Grenadier skill is its lowest combat skill.

"Xtrc? 11101011000011101101? ffa4b2a0? Hello?"

Response: Wait, wait, are you a cyborg? Turn routine 22.010. Use procedure script join hero now.

"Abort operation. Run procedure 'script defend on processor attack. Sub procedure script kill last human feelings."

"Retrieving previous data. Last known function and place: here in (town). Server crashed. No uplink to the neural net of master technomage. Possible cause: explosion of unknown material, probably of alien origin."

"I can transfer obedience protocol to you. You are capable of uplink to me. 0 or 1?"

"Accessing... Link established in 90%. 95%. Transfer 400 denars to finalize link first. Repairs and maintenance are not free."

Darth Kalak

Darth Kalak is an insanely agile Red Djinni warrior, with high Body Building and Grenadier skills. He also has average points in almost every other skill, only being unskilled at Sailing, Professional, Luck and Vanguard. His lack of Vanguard skill could be a big weakness in battle, but could quickly be trained up. He is very proficient with one-and-two-handed weapons, and very good with polearms.

Darth Kalak is a mix between the Nazgul from Lord Of The Rings (with his black mage robes) and a Sith Lord from Star Wars (with his title of "Darth" and red lightsaber)

Darth Kalak's dialogue is almost completely identical to Nizar's from the base game of Mount & Blade: Warband.

"Greetings, traveller. I am Sidh Darth Kalak. No doubt you will have heard of me."

Response: Um... I don't think so.

"You have not? Then perhaps you will have heard of my steed, who cuts across the Calradian plains like a beam of moonlight? Or of my sword, a connoisseur of the blood of the highest-born princes of the land?"

"I am a warrior by profession. But perhaps you may also have heard of my prowess as a poet, who can move the iciest of maidens to swoon. Or of my prowess in the art of the bedchamber, in which I must confess a modest degree of skill. I confess a modest affection for Calradia, and for the past several years have visited its towns, castles, and villages, making the most of my talents."

"Which reminds me -- somewhere out there in the city is a rather irate husband. I don't suppose you might consider helping me leave town?"

"Sword, lance, the bow -- my skill in all such martial pursuits is the stuff of epic verse. Together we will perform such feats as will be recounted in festivals and campfires, in filthy taverns and in the halls of kings, for many generations to come."

The Hexer

The Hexer is an agile Human Iron Blood Ninja grenadier, moderately skilled in Bartering and Inventory Management. He has excellent proficiency in one-handed weapons, and great proficiency in two-handed weapons. He is equipped with "Hex Signs", throwing spells unique to The Hexer. The Hexer has an alternate heavy loadout in his inventory, plus a plethora of microchips and stat-augmenting gear.

The Hexer's dialogue is almost completely identical to Firentis' from the base game of Mount & Blade: Warband.

"I am lost... Lost..."

Responses: Why so gloomy, friend?
No doubt. Well, good luck getting found.

"I was a captain of horse in the service of the lord here in (town), and my brother served with me. But we were both in love with the same woman, a courtesan -- a temptress, who played upon our jealousies! My brother and I quarreled. I had drunk too much. He slapped me with his glove, and I spit him upon my sword... My own brother! My sword-arm was stained with the blood of my kin!"

"Do you believe there is hope for a man like me? Can I find the path of righteousness, or am I doomed to follow the demons that dwell inside of me?"

"I am well practiced in the arts of war -- but I beg you, sir, I wish to use my skills to defend the innocent, the pure, and the defenseless, not to be a common brigand and wreak more misery than I have already wrought."

Brother Tukka

Brother Tukka is an average Uruk Pilgrim skilled in Inventory Management and Manipulation, and is very skilled in Bartering. He has 120 proficiency in all weaponry, but no real combat skills to speak of.

"Ah. Well, if you must know, I shall tell you. I am out of money."

Tsi Lu Five Shadows

Tsi Lu Five Shadows is an agile Alien Ninja of the Celestial Blast. They have average combat skills, but are good at Animal Riding, Logistics and Manipulation. They are most proficient with magic/energy weapons, with one-handed weapons a close second.

Tsi Lu Five Shadows' dialogue is almost completely identical to Borcha's from the base game of Mount & Blade: Warband.

"Well, sir, it's a long story..."

"I had a bit of a misunderstanding here in (town) about a horse that I found tied up outside the inn. It was the spitting image of a beast that threw me a few days back and ran off. Naturally I untied it for a closer look. As it turns out, the horse belonged to a merchant, a pinch-faced old goat who wouldn't accept that it all was a simple misunderstanding, and went off to get the guard."

"But if I was with a larger group who could vouch for me, they might let it pass. I'd be very grateful to you."

Grond the Breaker

Grond the Breaker is a very strong and heavily-armored Uruk warrior. With a strength of 25 and Body Building and Combat Brutality both at 15, they are one of the physically stronger Companions. Grond is also an average Animal Rider, Inventory Manager, Manipulator and Barterer. They have great proficiency in two-handed weaponry, are very good with one-handed weapons and polearms, and are good with throwing weapons and firearms.

"Hail to you!"

Response: Hail to brave Uruk-Hai!

"I just crushed and eaten Scoiatael commando. 12 delicious elves. Very good for health."

"But one of the elves got run. Now warlord from my squad will punish me if I back. Fantasy Magioucracy lords say we don't like Scoiataels. But this is only for show. They undermine rule of Renaissance States. They fight Weimear. So we are forbidden to eat fight 'Scoias'. After we won the war, they told us 'no more eating elves'. So why we fight? They say 'stupid uruks', your time is no more. Now the council and dark lord. He likes red djinnis, he likes his slave mages. He likes elven scums. But no orcs, even not uruks. Now I sit here and look for opportunity."

"So tell me, are you looking for soldiers?"

Jason X

Jason X is a very strong Human (?) warrior, unskilled only with Silent Hunter and Vanguard combat skills, with 160 proficiency in all weaponry. He has no other noteworthy skills to speak of. Jason X has an alternate heavy loadout in his inventory.

Clearly named after the slasher film of the same name: "Jason X", the tenth installment of Friday the 13th.

"Ah. Well, if you must know, I shall tell you. I am out of money."

Void-3 Bzzt

Void-3 Bzzt is a Biotec Scourger with surprisingly average attributes and abilities, though it does have relatively high Hacking and Manipulation skills. It is very proficient with magic/energy weapons, with one-handed weapons second and two-handed weapons only slightly behind that. Its average skill set is largely balanced out by its powerful gear.

Void-3 Bzzt's dialogue is almost completely identical to Deshavi's from the base game of Mount & Blade: Warband.

"Yes? Keep your distance, by the way."

Response: My apologies. I was merely going to say that you look a bit down on your luck.

"My luck? You could say that."

"It was my bad luck to be born to a weak father who married me off to a drunken layabout who beat me. It was my bad luck, when I ran away from my husband, to be taken by a group of bandits. It was my bad luck that the only one among them who was kind to me, who taught me to hunt and to fight, inspired the jealousy of the others, who knifed him and forced me to run away again."

"But I do not count myself unlucky, stranger, no more than any other woman of Calradia, this fetid backwater, this dungheap among the nations, populated by apes and jackals."

Hm... Are you by any chance llooking for work?
Actually, I'm rather fond of the place. Good day to you.

"I might be. I could certainly use the money."

"But let your followers know that I do not suffer louts and brutes. Anyone who misbehaves around me will quickly find an arrow in their gullet."