Knight Orders

Orders are military organizations created to stabilize the chaotic Paradigm Worlds.

Orders give "honor ranks" to their contributors. The more you help an Order, the higher your rank becomes.
With enough honor rank in an order, they will send you patrols and bigger groups to command under your name.
You can support an Order by donating denar or by offering the heads of your enemies as trophies and sacrifices.

Any Lord has the power to establish a given Order in their estates with the use of an Order license, which can be purchased from any diplomat representitive of an Order who can be found in castles all over the Paradigm Worlds.
Only one Order can be established per estate.
Order Licenses start at the level of Sergeant but are upgradeable to Knight, Paladin and Beast, each giving you higher ranked recruits.
Beast rank Order licenses allow you to hire 3 beasts from your town or castle. Beasts are powerful and expensive elite units.
Order License prices also differ based on your rank - it costs one million denar for a novice, but only 100,000 denar for a master.
Licenses can also be seized from enemy lords, found in secret treasures, or rarely found in the inventory of merchants.

The power of each Order is measured by "influence points" which describe their political and strategic power.

Your Order choice at the start of the game will start you with a piece of gear relevant to that order, in addition to starting you with 25 relation with that order.

More information on Orders can be found by speaking to their representative diplomats.

Orders are fully capable of acting autonomously, and have their own agendas. It pays to watch their actions closely. Check the news frequently, and keep them on a short leash...

Each Order can send out up to 7 diplomatic missions into the world at a time.
They can send troops to help lords and the owners of the centers that house the Order, conduct actions in the centers they reside in, and also send diplomatic missions between centers, with various goals from recruiting troops to spreading disease.

When an Order prepares a huge event, it has to spend its power and influence. Orders gain influence by conducting successful missions and getting donations from players.

Longbeard Engineers

Dwarven knights.
Low rank Sergeants wield nail pistols and pit swords.
Medium rank Knights mount up on goats and replace their pit swords with pickaxes.
High rank Paladins dismount once more, armed with nailgun carbines and war picks.

Fallen Legion

Vampiric knights.
Low rank Reinfields wield crossbows and butcher knives.
Medium rank Vampire Thralls replace these with a bow and longsword.
High rank Nosveratus mount charger horses and wield square axes, with flamberge swords in backup.

Tao Dimension Order

Taoism taken to the extreme.
Low rank Yins are wield maces and ride horses.
Medium Yangs are marginally statistically superior to Yins, but are not mounted.
High rank Masters are once again mounted on their horses, their maces replaced with tridents.

Digital Legion

High-tech soldiers, with only the lowest ranking members mounted on robotic beasts.
Low rank Sub-Routines wield maces and digital compact rifles.
Medium rank Script Callers wield Double-Axes and Short Ranged Multitask Injectors.
High rank Virus Injectors wield quad-axes and Ranged Multitask Injectors.

Crimson Brothers

A Samurai-Pirate combo.
Low rank Piranhas wield cutlasses and compact bows.
Medium rank Sharks trade this bow for a thrown War Trident.
High rank Krakens are mounted on horses, wielding harpoon launchers.

Their "Beast" is the Water Elemental, also known as Water Demon.

Unknown Experiment Narvik

Meaty mutants.
Low rank War Meat comes armed with a mace.
Medium rank Mark 1's add a Bio-Combat Shotgun to their arsenal, the efficiency of which depends on the unit's mutation skill.
High rank Mark 2's replace their mace with Bone Hammers.

Inspired by the show "HELIX", particularly the first season where a virus known as NARVIK breaks out in an arctic research station that turns humans into mutants.