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>>Be the Gobbo.

You are now the goblin known as Nab. And you are not having a good day.

Your deity, the mighty crustacean beast Klakra, has been revealed to be a filthy lying human in disguise, and the human with the fluffy head over here has kidnapped you and dragged you all across the land. You have no idea where you are, but you are at least moderately thankful that he saved your people from the oppressive rule of a fake crab god.

They are making noises at eachother that you can only interpret as jovial conversation, as you have not the slightest scrap of knowledge of manspeak... well, beyond the insults hurled at you from the humans you´ve robbed.

The hairy one brandishes an object you are remotely familiar with. You’ve seen some of the humans carrying these on their heads when you went out with your brethren to steal from their carts! He is gesturing at the shiny metal thing, then at you. You’re not sure you like where this is --

Oh. And now it’s on your head.

It is very heavy. But you begrudgingly admit it is also very stylish.

You are unsure how to feel about all this.