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It is the thirteenth of Ein-Manudr, and the sun rises on the land of Mockus Midgard.
Our tale begins in the quiet seaside village of Thornspie.

A young man rises from his bed.
Today is the birthday of this young man’s friend, who lives in Felldetta, the town beyond the northern hills.
You are this enormously-haired young man. Your name is René Rottingham.

You realise with great shock that you haven’t prepared a gift for your friend at all! Oh no! That’s what you get when you put off everything until the last minute.
Well, you’d better get on that.

You are standing in your room. Well, your house. It’s just this one tiny room! You have one window, with a lovely view of… The wooden fence surrounding your town. You have rather spartan accommodations.
There are piles of cans strewn about, and yesterday’s half-eaten dinner still stands on the table, which happens to be covered in stains of mead.

There is a door in front of you leading out to Thornspie, hidden just off-camera.

What do you do?