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>>Check your inventory?

Casting a mental gaze into the veritable bag of holding that is your hair, you assess your belongings.. There’s the shiny coin you found in your pile of hairspray cans, the Best Buddies Birthday Hjalmr Eik gave you for the occasion, and…

A plank? You don’t remember picking up a plank.

Heeding what Yorick said about something being stuck in your hair, you look up at your cranial canopy, but… You can’t see anything. It’s probably both of your imaginations!
Yorick seems amused by something, but you shrug it off.

>>Give gobbo as birthday present in a moment of swift genius
>>Introduce adorable goblin friend to friend and ask for naming suggestions.

You unravel the tiny creature from its ropey prison upon your back and show him to Yorick. You tell him you’re giving him the Goblin as a pet! “Oh dang!”, he says. “A Goblin... as a pet? I never even thought that was an option! It´s adorable!”

The goblin simply seems confused.

You plop him down on the grass before Yorick, and discuss his new animal(?) companion. “What do Goblins even eat..?” Yorick muses. Probably literally anything you put in their mouths, you quip, before continuing to wonder what it should be called, spouting out a bunch of names. Wilson, Samson, Ragnus…

Suddenly and without warning, Tonn pops in on your little Goblin-Inspecting Circle and chimes in.
“How about Nab!?”

“Nab is good.” “I like Nab.” “They do nab things!”

It is decided.