What Is It?
It is the month of Ein-Manudr, and something is stirring the branches of the world tree.

A young viking rises from his bed, ignorant to the godly forces roiling outside of the boundaries of the world.
All he knows is that it's his friend's birthday, and he's going to be late to the celebrations!

Only you, the readers, the voices of destiny, can guide our hero through the trials and tribulations standing in his way.
Can he find a suitable gift for his friend?
Will he reach the birthday party in time?
Is René Rottingham about to have a very, very bad day...?

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What Is It?

Mockus Midgard, also known as RottQuest, is an interactive webcomic based very, very loosely on norse mythology.
Inspired by other interactive webcomics such as Ruby Quest and MSPaint Adventures, Mockus Midgard allows viewers to suggest an action for the main character(s) to take in the next page.

Though an extensive story is planned from beginning to end, great care is taken to give viewers as much freedom as possible, with very few actions being rejected - no matter how outlandish. Keep this in mind as you suggest an action.
Go wild! Have some fun with it!

The Setting

Mockus Midgard takes place on a single supercontinent encircled on all sides by a nigh-endless sea, dominated primarily by pine forests and cool climates, with a massive mountain in the center that ranges out across the landmass like the roots of a tree.

Mockus Midgard is inhabited by three distinct races of humans:

The Agaetr of the West, the ostentatious and regal de-facto rulers of the land, hailing from the great capital city of Svassbustadt.

The Drengr of the South, the large and burly masters of the wilds and the seas.

The Undorn of the East, the mysterious and secluded practicioners of runic magicks.

As far as recent history goes, Mockus Midgard has been a place of relative peace. Though the present state of the world was wrought from wars past, a clash between the different peoples is rarely heard of beyond the occasional interpersonal squabble among warriors. Even the more fantastical beasts have been kept largely at bay by the machinations of man, and the gods seldom make themselves known.

Legend says that the world is encased in a dome of heaven, created by the gods from the skull of Ymir, the first giant, and that it is held aloft by the branches of the world tree Yggdrasil itself.

The more the story progresses, the more the world and its secrets will be revealed...


List of Characters
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