Full Name: René Rottingham












A short-tempered yet adventurous spirit who prefers to do things his own way instead of your way.

Impulsive and stubborn, but very good at thinking on his feet. Does his best work without a plan.
Has the nasty habit of thinking he's smarter than everyone else, but is a lot more humble towards the people he's close to.

His disdain for doing what people tell him to do leads many to regard him as a slacker, but when he sets his mind to something he always follows through to the end.
He simply hates having people decide for him how he's going to have to spend his time, preferring to have the final say in when - and how - something is going to happen.

Though very athletic and energetic, René can be incredibly clumsy and his fighting style is less-than-elegant. His swings hit hard, if only they would ever connect.

His whims can be fickle, and things he might find completely uninteresting at one moment can capture his fascination the next.
Greatly enjoys exploring and spelunking in his free time - and as long as it doesn´t mess up his hair too much.

His illustrious hairdo is his pride and joy, though the burlier warriors of his village do not hold the same appreciation for his obsessive application of hairspray.
He doesn´t mind it getting too mussed up, as long as it retains its signature shape. Just don't reach out with the intent to ruffle it, or you may lose an arm.

People say he had a full head of perfectly styled hair on the very day he was born.

Despite humans from the Mockus Midgard universe appearing to have floating, armless hands, they do not have infinite reach and behave identically to how they would if there were arms connecting them to their bodies.


  • Excessively large weaponry
  • Receiving praise for very minor accomplishments
  • His hair

  • Authorities
  • Sidequests
  • Discussing his parents


For as long as he can remember, René has lived in the fishing village of Thornspie. Raised primarily by the burly workers and warriors of the town, he was mocked throughout his upbringing for his scrawny physique and his greater focus on aesthetic interests compared to the rest of his brethren.
This treatment lead him to spend much of his time outside of his home, seeking out both the solitude of nature and a way to prove his worth.
His rebellious and adventurous spirit burned bright from a very young age.


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Everything changed for René when, in a climactic burst of light, a rip in the seams between realities tore him from his homeworld and deposited him in a completely alien universe.
This is where he met his now-closest companions, Timigi and SBM, two strangers ripped from their respective universes and deposited in the melting pot that René's reality had now become.

Together they seek to understand the dimension-warping powers of the technology hidden within this strange new world and find a way back to their own realities, having grand world-hopping adventures and meeting bizarre new extradimensional friends along the way.

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Author's Notes

Rottingham was originally just my character from Ragnarok Online, a simple blonde swordsman wearing a headband.
I traced a single sprite of this character and gave him a disinterested face, designating him the straight man between the comedy duo that was him and Timigi. The rest is history.
From there, as my art style grew into more and more of its own thing, I simplified the way I drew his hair... And also made it bigger and bigger as time went on, for some bizarre reason I can't even recall.

René Rottingham circa 2004, 2005 and 2006 respectively.

Unlike Timigi, whose limblessnses was actually an important physical aspect of his character, Rottingham's floaty hands were an exclusively stylistic choice. Because I really, really hated drawing limbs.