Somewhere in a universe adjacent to ours, the Earth becomes the eye of an interdimensional storm. People, places and other assorted pieces of different worlds are being plucked from one realm and deposited into far-flung galaxies.

Somewhere on a tiny impossible planet in a solar system far away, three unlikely friends torn from their homes are united from across the multiverse.
Together they hop from world to world, exploring bizarre planes of existence and trying to undo the damage caused by the disaster that brought them here.

Together, they'll find their way back home.


LATEST UPDATE: 6/25/2023
Page 2 now live!

What is it?

Commitia is a sci-fi comedy webcomic inspired by the cartoons from my childhood and such works of fiction as Kid Radd, Total Distortion, and a plethora of assorted shareware games from the 1990's.

Commitia aims to explore the vast multiverse and everything its numerous realities have to offer, from their quirky inhabitants to the bizarre laws of nature that govern them.

With interactive pages that incorporate the layout of the comic itself as part of its progression, Commitia will (ideally) keep you on your toes wondering what'll happen next, whether it be the punchline of a joke or the climax of a suspenseful scene... but the ultimate goal of Commitia is to bring together a lifetime of ideas that started brewing when I was just 10 years old, mix them all up, and make something entertaining out of whatever may come from that blend. If it makes you chuckle even once, my work here is done.

(and maybe some day it'll even have an accompanying videogame that ties off some loose ends...)

Whatever the case may be, whether it grips you or amuses you, I hope you'll enjoy this world as much as I enjoy creating it!

Comic pages will be released on an as-completed basis with no strict schedule in mind, though I do my best to work on Commitia for at least an hour every week. Remember to subscribe to the RSS feed to stay on top of the newest updates!

Commitia is not made for profit, and will remain free-of-charge forever.
That said, if you like my work and want to support me,
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