Full Name: Timigi R. Rahogey

(tim like tim, igi like luigi)


Tim, Migi, Yozoho




Indiscernible - Roughly 18 circa 198X




Roughly 3'10 (stacked constituent parts)
Roughly 5'5 at resting hover height


A happy-go-lucky amnesiac member of an alien race from the third planet of the Commitian solar system. Potentially the last of his kind.

Absent-minded with a tendency to act before he thinks, though far from unintelligent when you manage to get through his clueless veneer.
Careless but not stupid, and really good with computers to boot!
Just don't put him in a position of responsibility unless you really, really have to.

Lives a carefree lifestyle of lounging around and eating snacks. Though he comes across as lazy, he is definitely the adventurous type and will gladly jump at the chance to help people in any way he can, even if (or sometimes specifically because) it means putting himself at risk. Not necessarily courageous - He just puts the consequences and dangers out of his head until his goal is met.

His limblessness makes him unfathomably nimble and versatile, which helps make up for his weak physical strength - though he packs a mean punch if he has to defend himself, and he's not afraid to bite!

Deeply curious about everything, he is the type of person that can't help but push the shiny red button you told him not to touch.
Greatly enjoys observing people, whether they're playing videogames, doing their work or otherwise milling about. May or may not keep notes about his neighbors.

Finds getting his separate floating bodyparts taken and messed with genuinely amusing and considers it an EXCELLENT tool for playing harmless pranks, but is quick to worry when he misplaces a bit of himself for too long.

Doesn't understand how food gets from his mouth to his stomach, but he's not questioning it.

Seemingly fluent in both English and Commitian, his native language being all that remains of his alien origins (besides his bizarre physiology)... though he naturally has very few opportunities to engage in conversation with it.

Does he ever think about his past...?


  • Obscure European sodas & snacks
  • Emo music
  • Arcade classics
  • Cardboard boxes

  • The cold and infinite void of space
  • The numbers 13 and 15
  • Bananas


Timigi crash-landed on Earth some time during the 1980's near the City of Somethingsville, where he was taken in by two civilians who took his lack of understanding of the english language to mean he was simply a lost tourist. They promptly began teaching him the ways of Earthlings.

He learned how to speak and how to dress. He learned of Earth media and Earth culture. He experienced a new life, a new childhood, and it made him who he is today - his past from before the crash left behind him.

Commitians are limbless creatures whose inner workings are a mystery to modern science - mainly because Timigi is potentially the only Commitian left in the galaxy. Timigi, however, was born with a genetic defect that resulted in the development of vestigial limbs chaining his separate parts together. These had no bone or muscle tissue within them to speak of, essentially being little more than floppy strings of spaghetti. While he later had these removed, they were initially vital to blending in with the locals and gaining their trust and adoration.

His cheerful attitude and unending desire to help people lead him to rapidly become friends with the people of Somethingsville, or at the very least the city's #1 most trusted errand boy. This status let him get away with a lot more than than he should have been allowed to do.

A good example of this would be one of his pet projects - a series of tunnels going between every one of his acquaintance's homes, meant to facilitate hanging out and make it easier to get to anyone who needs him... Whether they're ready for the little creeper's visit or not.

Luckily for the privacy of everyone in town, his project was cut short when he made an astounding discovery right underneath his own house - A massive cavern housing an ancient city filled to the brim with bizarre machines and forgotten technology.
He promptly claimed "finders keepers" and named it TimOTropolis.
He kept it mostly a secret to the public, opting to let only his friends inside - but since "Timigi's Friends" could describe a good 90% of the city's population, it was less a top-secret lair and more an exclusive tourist attraction.

After a period of exploring the underground facilities and tampering with the electronics, a convoluted and cataclysmic incident occurred which breached the very fabric of space and time, sending out devastating portal storms that broke out at random and sent different pieces of Earth hurtling through the boundaries of reality.

Seemingly by chance, most of the entire City of Somethingsville just so happened to get sent to the fourth planet of the Commitian solar system - A neighboring planet to Timigi's very own home world.
This is where he met his Best Friends Forever, Rottingham and SBM, two strangers ripped from their respective universes and deposited in the melting pot that Timigi's reality had now become.

Together they seek to understand the dimension-warping powers of the technology hidden within TimOTropolis and find a way back to their own realities, having grand world-hopping adventures and meeting bizarre new extradimensional friends along the way.

For more insight into the future of Timigi Rahogey, click here to read up on Commitia.

Author's Notes

Timigi was the first real persona I used to present myself. Obviously I still use his name to this day, though his character has long since evolved from the author avtar he used to be.
He started his life as a Sonic recolor, intended to be a version of myself as a hedgehog - Basically just Sonic, but blonde. He was a vessel for my imagination - Everything I could think of involved him somehow, everything I came up with was a wacky skit for him to play out, and all my likes and dislikes were reflected in and crossed over with him.

His limblessness? That simply came from the thought that I'd love to have floating bodyparts like Rayman - so I made Timigi more like Rayman, because I knew I could do whatever I wanted with my art and my character.
My universe, my rules. Why do his hands start floating when you cut his arms off? Because they just do.

His different parts have equally simple backstories. His hat came from a brief interaction with Luigi from Super Mario, for instance, and I always wanted a T-Shirt with my initial on it...
For goodness sake, he even had one angel wing and one demon wing at one point. He was a mish-mash of everything I was and everything I thought about.

Naturally, the older I got the more embarassed I found myself becoming about the fact he was just a yellow Sonic with no limbs. As my art skills grew, so did my desire to experiment and improve. Timigi was redesigned again and again - His head got rounder, his hair got fluffier, and I decided his ears started drooping down as he got a little older... Oh, and he got a scarf! No particular inspiration for that one, I just like scarves!

There's no hiding the things that inspired his creation, and I honestly don't even feel bad about how much I took from elsewhere. I have made far more original concepts since Timigi, and I will continue to make many more. That doesn't make him any less important, to me or my work - Timigi is everything that I am, and everything I was during a simpler time in my life. He's my inner child - And no matter how much I change, he will always be there.