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The Artist

Welcome to

I'm primarily a digital cartoonist, but I dabble in just about everything involving creativity - Making music, modifying videogames, constructing virtual spaces and so on.

I'm a certified web designer, but still have a lot to learn about JavaScript and PHP. I'm primarily self-taught, and am continuously experimenting with a great deal of things.

I've been creating things my whole life, learning by doing & getting tips from fellow artists along the way.

Please don't look up my old stuff. It's not good.

The Art

I first started really getting into drawing when I began playing around with MSPaint when I was a kid. It instilled in me an undying love of binary art, with crisp, crunchy pixels and bright, solid colors.

Stylistically, I would say my art is most inspired by the cartoons I watched as a kid. There were a lot of European cartoons on TV in the Netherlands that outsourced their animation and character designs to Japan, so I was always exposed to a very distinct style of drawing characters, expressions and so on.

I also draw a great deal of my inspiration from the days of MS-DOS and Amiga computers, a time filled with limitations that artists had to circumvent in creative ways, working through lack of color, small resolutions and weak processors with all sorts of tricks to create beautiful things.

I'm a firm believer that less is more, and that there is no creative tool more powerful than leaving things to the viewer's imagination.

The Website

This is essentially a repository for everything that is "Timigi".
It is a collection of my art and my interests, an archive of things I've made over the years and a way to share experiences that might otherwise end up lost to time.

Naturally, it also exists for one of my greatest passions of all - Archival. The preservation of games and software from times long gone, and the maintaining of whatever remains of the communities that were built up around these pieces of virtual history.

It is also one of my works of art in itself, my goal being to make something aesthetically pleasing and fun to explore.
It draws inspiration from games like Hypnospace Outlaw, interactive websites I frequented as a kid, and even bizarre online oddities like Yvette's Bridal Formal. The old web was littered with spaces that always seemed to have something to find behind every link, secret pages and little easter eggs everywhere you look, and I hope to eventually make a website that brings back a little bit of that feeling.

As of right now, is nowhere near close to matching the goals I have in mind... But it'll get there.

I hope you enjoy exploring my website as it grows.
Leave me some feedback through my contact page!