Commissions are currently closed.
Sorry, my commissions are currently closed.
Keep an eye on this page to see if they've re-opened!

Commission Info


Lineart, Flat Color

Lineart, Full Color & Shading


That's right, for the prices detailed in this page I will draw you ANYTHING YOU WANT!

=General Prices=

=Additional Characters=

The price of an additional character may be halved if very little of the character is actually visible (no torso/head to be seen)


Backgrounds have their own additional prices that will be added on top of the overall color/shading costs above:

Unless you specifically request otherwise,
backgrounds will reflect the detail level of the overall commission.
If you request a sketch with a background, the background will be a sketch; If you request a fully colored image with a background, the background will be fully colored; So on, so forth.

Sketched Background

Sketched backgrounds only go as high as $30, regardless of detail level.

=Payment & Contact Information=

Firstly, I will draw you a sketch of the picture you request.
When you are satisfied with how this sketch looks, you are to give me an e-mail address that I can send a paypal invoice to. When this invoice is paid, I will finish the commission.

I will, of course, keep you updated on how it is progressing.

If you are just buying a sketch, the above still applies - you do not need to pay in advance!

No refunds once you are satisfied with the sketch & have sent your payment!

I can be contacted through the Contact form on my website,
which you can reach by clicking on this text.

Please give me a day or so to get back to you, provided my commissions are open.

Thank you, and remember to keep an eye on Noah the Commission Mascot Dog at the top of this page to see whether or not I am currently open for commissions!