a sad sad girl, a ghoulish sight
clawed her way through ashen blight
burning in the wretched light
the flies came for her skin

something wrong, the swarm could smell
their ceaseless buzzing gave her hell
the horrid noise, it knew her well
a quarrel she can't win

the very thing that gave her life
gouging like a butter knife
oozing oil that marked her strife
torn from her hollowed chest

half of her was surely rotten
the rest of her was misbegotten
a sickness by her kin forgotten
a pain that would not rest


she dug into the sodden sore
that birth-blight spreading, tainting more
and when she felt it reach her heart

the sad girl                                tore               herself      apart                  in half

"hole in my head this is my crown
my face turns red my soul is gone
how was this senseless life before
i can't remember anymore"

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