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TulieWorld was developed for NTT DATA SANYO SYSTEM, more specifically NTT DATA's "SANNET" division, a Japanese Internet Service Provider.

There were two releases of Tulie World, with Tulie World 21 being both the most recent, and the only version of Tulie World that has been archived.

Tulie World could be downloaded off the SANNET website, or found on disc in stores.

There are three inaccessible rooms, open only to members - The Corridor, Lodge and Antique Room. Their files are fully present in the client, but a way to access them has yet to be found.
There was also an area in the original non-21 release of Tulie World that was known as "Future Space", a city-themed room located where the "Museum" can now be found.

There were also several Tulie World-themed wallpapers, all of which can be found below:

There were also a batch of 101x101 wallpapers, likely meant as cellphone backgrounds, which have unfortunately not been archived.

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