RimChat takes place in Yuhigaoka Town, a place that "retains the taste of the 1965's", and features some rather grotesque-looking human avatars - the RimChat website even comments on this, stating that "many of the inhabitants of this city have a strong personality, but unlike their appearance, they are kind."

Interestingly, RimChat was one of the only Japanese Worlds Chat clients that actually offered a guide on how to create a custom avatar, though users had to send other chat users these avatars in order for them to be visible to them, as they could not be downloaded automatically over the Rimchat servers.

Rimnet was a Japanese Internet Service Provider.
In 1998, PSINet (one of the first Internet Service Providers, based in Northern Virginia) acquired Rimnet as part of their expansion into Japan. TWICS (Two Way Information Communication System, another Japanese Internet Service Provider) was acquired at the same time.

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